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How much stretching is allowed

How much stretching is allowed

I’ve already been into PE for two months. The newbie guide says to stretch for 10min. But I’ve read in the forum that many are doing fowfers for some hours or wear an ADS. So is it okay if I am doing the manual stretches for some hours, e.g. While watching a movie?

And is it a problem if I am doing the stretches in each direction longer that 30 seconds? I prefer doing the stretches down and BTC for some minutes (instead of 30 seconds) because I think most newbie gains come from the ligaments. Is there any reason why you should pull every direction only for 30 seconds?

I stretch for longer than 30 seconds I also do more than 10 minutes but my girth is already over 5.5 so I need it. I have been PEing about 2.5 months.

It is interesting that a typical hanging routine consists of multiple 20 minute sets, yet typical stretches are held for only 30 seconds or so. There must be a reconciling factor, but I don’t know what it is. I will stay tuned to hear thoughts of the more experienced PE’ers.

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I think with the manual stretch it may have more to do with your hand and grip strength. I don’t see any problem with stretching here and there while watching a film. You could fowfer while watching too.

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Is it okay to do 1 hour of manual stretching instead of the 10-15min like the newbie routine says?

Is it also possible to get bad EQ if you stretch too much like too much jelquing?

With manual stretches, you are applying more tension than you could think. Doing 1 hour of manual stretching will not give you faster results if you have less then 3 months of consistent experience with PE.

And yes, stretching too much can likely give you bad EQ.

As always, don’t do go overboard if you actually are gaining. A toughened sinewy dick isn’t the goal here.

regards, mgus

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Yeah I pulled too hard recently and I woke up the next day with a shrunken pee pee:(

So I let it rest and tried stretching again only more gently:)

It felt well worked after every session and I had the nicest,fattest hang:)

Manual stretches are more powerful than the ADS. The ADS is used to apply a moderate pressure on the penis for long time. Some guys use ADS for 7 hours, 8 hours , or even more.

If you are really strong, and your penis can handle the pressure very well, I think you can’t go for more than one hour manually. And as other guys suggest, take it easy.

Aren’t fowfers just for flaccid length? It doesn’t like enough of a stretch for erect gains.

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