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How much length can hide in a curve

How much length can hide in a curve

Hey guys, I had a quite decent curve in my dick and I’m wondering with stretching and when it becomes straight, how much length could be hiding in there, if you’ve fixed your curve and found gains please post here I would love to know what you guys have experienced or “found” in that curve

Gonnabe, you are correct in thinking that straightening out a curve may add a substantial amount of length to your penis. However it is impossible for anyone to guess exactly how much you will gain, as that depends on plenty of factors specific to your unit. Maybe you could upload a few images, give a little bit of extra information, and we could give you some educated guesses. Don’t forget to mention what routines you plan on using. My suggestion would be to just use an All-Day Stretcher because that would be the surest way to straighten it out while adding serious length.


Take a measure of the longest side with a tailor tape, then measure the shortest side, add both measure and divide by 2. You’ll have a rough estimation.

Beautiful marinera thank you very much,

Also manual stretching is great for straightening am I correct?

Some people had success in correcting a curve:
Has anyone actually fixed a curve??
Almost corrected my curve

but it requires a lot of time and it also depends on what is the cause of your curve : it could due to scar tissue, or a CC bigger than the other one, or both things, or even a lig shorter than the other one maybe.

Anyway, a curved penis is not a problem in most of cases; actually, it could be an advantage, because you could reach sensitive spots in a woman vagina in a better way than a straight penis could.
Have you had problems in sex? Is your curvature that bad?

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