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how much kegels should a newbie do?

how much kegels should a newbie do?

i currently do about 100 , and i do them while erect , i have a weak pc muscle and this way i can hold them longer , are kegels really needed ? and should they do erect or flaccid? thanks for your time guys.

Just do kegels when you remember. Do them flaccid or erect. Do them in the car, in the bath, in the subway (preferably flaccid). Mix in 5+ sec holds with quick clenches. The more you do the better. 500 a day is a figure bandied around (as is 1000 a day).

You should ONLY do them at the same time. Lets say you decide to make 500 kegels/day, then u should do them directly after eachother. Not spread it through the day like some say. Because what you are working on is a muscle, and the way musclegrow works is by hurting (in a good way) the muscle, and then you have to let it grow up again before another hurting. I hope that maked sence in some way. lolll

Agree with AndersS here.. Do them only once a day and try to add some time / flex every week (maybe 1 sec). Make sure that you feel some soreness after the workout. Personally I think that it’d be best not to do kegels every day, because it could be overtraining. Rest is needed to heal the muscle. Maybe three days a week would be a good routine. That’s what I’m doing.

If you do 100 now and each squeeze lasts three second, next week do four second squeezes etc etc… Actually I don’t count how many I do (until I get the burn) , but I try to increase time / kegel every week or so.

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What do you mean by “the burn”?

You must have felt muscle burn before. When you push a muscle you reach a point where the muscle cannot receive oxygen fast enough. At this point anaerobic respiration kicks in and lactic acid is built up.

Just try to do 300,000 sit ups and you’ll feel the burn. The body builders code insists on the relevence of the burn.


Just do them first. That’s probably the biggest key.


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