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How much is too much



Depends, 3.5% up to 8 or even 10%.

Most beer is 4 to 6% that I drink anyway.

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For some reason beer does not taste that great to me. (taste too bitter IMO)

I prefer hard liquor 50% Alcohol by Volume. I only have a shot about once a month. Thats all I drink.

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2-3 liters at 5% is too much IMHO. It also matters how it is distributed - a male’ liver can digest (on average) about 2 ml of alchol each half our, if I remember correctly; drink more than that and you are damaging your liver. Make your calculations.

Originally Posted by l7vincent3l
Hi.. I drink 2-3 liters of beer every weekends.. Is that too much? But on week days I don’t drink at all

Do you drink that at one sitting or is over a couple of days?

Men’s Health: The Liver Guide

Stop at Six Drinks

You’re trying to avoid “fatty liver,” a condition that occurs when you flood your liver with more alcohol than it can process. First, your body’s beer filter swells with fat globules, and then it turns a sickly yellow.

Let your liver rehab for a few days and it’ll usually recover, but keep bingeing and scar tissue will develop, which could lead to cirrhosis.

“A man’s liver has an alcohol threshold of about 70 to 80 grams, or about a six-pack of beer,” says Dr. Koff. “Drink less than that at one sitting and it’s very unlikely that you’ll get fatty liver.”

Six US beers is about 2.13 liters. I don’t think that’s a problem or adversely affects PE gains. However, don’t ever do PE under the influence of anything.

The above article is a good read for anyone the likes to drink. They list 3 supplements that can help your liver. I’ve been taking all 3 for a few years now.

Good article. Thanks CK.

As Chris Evans the British DJ who drank 10 hrs every day for years says “for the alcoholic one drink is too many, a thousand is not enough.”

And btw he didnt end up one, though he is very very careful when he does drink. Frank Skinner on the other hand, a British comedian was a full blown alcoholic by 30, and used to keep a bottle a Pernod by his bed as a wake up drink lol.

As Firegoat says 6 pints on a Friday is nothing here.

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I enjoy a beer with dinner, a couple while watching a sharks game, and a few drinks when out with friends, but I know I could never become an alcoholic because I don’t enjoy feeling drunk and I hate hangovers. If I over-indulge, I can’t even look at alcohol for a couple of days, let alone repeat the experience 2 days in a row.

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