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How much is too much

How much is too much

I have been goin’ with the newb routine with a little extra time added on the jelqs and stretching and doing 2 on 1 off for about a month and a half now. I can’t say exactly what I’ve gained, because I was measuring incorrectly to start. My question is how much can I reasonably add without fear of doing too much? With my routine, I do it fairly easily and never feel any negative side effects. Is there a limit on how much stretching and jelqing I should do in one sitting? I’ve also read posts of people who do multiple work-outs in a day. If I am willing to put in more time, does anybody have a suggestion on how my workout could evolve to include either more time per workout or more workouts per day/week?

Joseph, no one can know this except you. PE isn’t exactly a science, since we are all different.

You have to listen to your penis, feel how much it can take. But the general idea is to stick to a routine as long as you are gaining, when gains stop either increase the time/intensity, or change the exercises.

I would say the easiest way for me to tell I did too much is bruising and or little red dots. Some little red dots are fine, but a lot of them and bruising means you overdid it.

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Use your erection quality as a reference. If you can’t get it up with ease any more, you are doing too much. If you are packing hard wood, you are in the clear.

Thanks for the help

I’m new, hello everyone, and thanks for all the info and shared expertise. I think I’ll jump on here and ask a question.

I started this about three weeks ago, began with the newbie routine, then found J123 and his “new newbie” routine, and agreed with his approach, easy does it, take advantage of the newness. I’m doing the jelqs, and I discovered Johan’s “jai’s” which I really like (maybe a little too much!) and I’m wondering two things at the moment:

Firstly: Does anyone have any opinion on, for lack of a better term, “pee-stretches”, when I go to the toilet, and just do two, (usually three) quick “jai’s” in succession. Is this too much at this stage? I’m finding myself going to the toilet more than I used to, throughout the day, pretty much just to have a space to do just that. Should I use more restraint or is that ok?

Secondly: For days off, should I just totally leave it alone, or are the jai’s here and there throughout the day ok at this stage?

Thanks for any advice, and I’ll keep reading.


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