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How much girth can I expect

How much girth can I expect

What is, hypothetically, the most girth I can expect to gain?

I am talking unlimited time, with the best possible results, and the most effective techniques.

Would 1” be possible? Perhaps more? Because my goal for PE training is mostly girth-based, I want to know how much girth I can hope to achieve.

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I think for a majority of people, with unlimited time/best results, 1 inch is definitely feasible. Again, for a majority of people, gaining much more than that in girth is rare, though there have been members who’ve gained over 2 inches in girth.

With the ideal conditions described above (e.g. unlimited time, perfect commitment, advanced techniques [when you are conditioned] ) 1” gains in EG are feasible, so I agree with tweaking. Still, I’m basing this on my extensive reading of PE forums, and people signatures.

1” is a substantial gain, in terms of girth. I recommend you read THIS THREAD to better understand what your measurements mean, in 3D.

Also, THIS THREAD has exactly what you are looking for: graphs of gains. Just look at the images posted by Tube. The girth data is on the 2nd or 3rd page.

Here is one useful image from the aforementioned thread.

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