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How Much Force In A Wet Jelq

How Much Force In A Wet Jelq

Okay guys,

So I’m sure this has been discussed before, but I did a search and couldn’t seem to find much. I’m now well established on the newb routine and am doing 20 minutes of jelqing (started at 10 min)— this week is my fourth week. When I first started I barely used any pressure in the jelqs as it would cause pain, and found the point where I applied sufficient force to “feel” the blood pump through the penis and feel it swell (a very satisfying feeling btw). Now, over the past few weeks I’ve had to increase the pressure to maintain this feeling and to establish a semi-erect state. Tonight, during my session I couldn’t get this feeling or level of semi-erectness even when I went all out and mercifully pulled and squeezed as hard as I could. I don’t know if it’s a matter of conditioning and my body is now used to the forces, or if I’m plateaued on jelqing but I miss that feeling, and I don’t feel overworked (all positive PEs). So what is the jury? How much force is ideal, and should you feel the pump for a proper jelq? Thanks in advance. Taxi.

Think about the pressure analogous to an egg: don’t apply more than what would be required to break the shell.

P.S. Not a hard boiled egg. :)

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I think you just go by feel. I’m A major newbie in my second week but you just go by feel like in any other form of exercise. If you go slow you can feel if there is too much pressure the second you move your hand. So if you grip too tight and start to move release the pressure to the point where it dose not hurt. I think gripping too tight is better then to loose but you just have to make sure to release the pressure when you begin to move your hand.

Which you feel good and effective and avoids the injuries

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