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How much does the superficial dorsal vein effect in EQ

How much does the superficial dorsal vein effect in EQ

Hey everyone,

Maybe this should be moved to injuries but I am still a newbie so here goes..

I had an injury while masturbating about 8 months ago where I felt an extremely sharp pain at the base of my shaft. My normally enlarged supeficial dorsal vein deflated about 50% and hasnt returned to this day, 8 months later. My EQ has been pretty dismal since.. One uro told me it doesnt have to do with EQ and wiki says it only has to do with draining the skin of the penis but when I apply pressure to the vein it makes my EQ better.

Anyone have knowledge on this kind of stuff?? Thanks so much.

Go to another urologist and ask for some exams - a doppler, for example, or a MRI. You shouldn’t ask for diagnoses about these kind of things over the Internet, IMHO - what you get is many uneducated guys doing the more imaginative suppositions, what can just make you feel worse.

The EQ may be mental since you’re very aware of “what happened.” Nonetheless, I agree with Marinera, research it more if you think it’s a serious issue. Nothing to play with (no pun intended lol)

2/11/11: 7.75" BPEL, 6" BSEG, 5.5" MSEG

6/4/11: 8.4" BPEL, 6.375" BSEG, 5.8" MSEG

Just started again, another new measurement coming soon; I'm pretty close to that June '11 though.

Well, like I said I asked a uro and he said it shouldn’t effect it. But, as most people know, docs can tend to dismiss something quickly if they don’t know much about it.

I did have a doppler done with an injection and they said things were “normal” but it is beyond all shadow of a doubt to me that my EQ is worse. The tech didnt seem very thorough and it seems if these guys don’t find any MAJOR abnormalities they’ll just say everything is fine. Thats usually how western medicine goes. Believe me this is not at all “in my head”.

Erection size and everything is smaller. And when I put pressure on my dorsal vein EQ increases which is a tell tale sign right there. I guess I will follow up and get some 2nd + 3rd opinions.

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