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How much do urologists cost

How much do urologists cost

Hello, I have some erection problems (I’m 19) and I was wondering if anyone had been to a urologist and how much money it costs altogether with the tests they run?


First of all, welcome to Thunders. This is a good place to find information.

As far as your question, it depends on where you live, what its going to cost. You could start with you family doctor, and have him/her run a PSA. A urologist is going to run that test anyway. Now, before the rest of the guys jump on me for that one, yes, you are a bit young to have prostate problems, however, it can happen.

I really would start with your regular doctor and see if there is a need for a urologist. If there is, have your regular doctor refer you to one.

Just my two cents.

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Urology can be expensive if you have no insurance. However, if you have a decent health care policy it cost no more than a regular visit to any doctor. In most cases a small co-pay. I pay $15.00 for an office visit, the lab work is about $20.00 to do a PSA and a complete limpid panel. Dating ones doctor, however can be a little more expensive ;)

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