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How many people know about PE?

How many people know about PE?

Just a quick thought.

What percentage of the male population know about PE? Could it be as little as under 1%? And is it specific to certain regions? I.e. maybe few people in Indonesia know about PE compared to America. How do you think the internet has influenced the number of people who know about PE?

In my country not many. But most of them don’t believe that is possible without surgery because 99 % informations of PE are from Internet and a lot of sites presents incredible gains with only 5-10 minutes workout per day.


It must be way under 1%, maybe 0.01%. Otherwise there would be 30 million guys out there doing PE..

I think that half of the worlds population (men and women) got much more important things to think about like getting food onto their table. In Western countries and specially in cities the percentage might be close to 0.1% or so.

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Is just me who is selfish enough not to want too many men getting to grips with PE? The guys here are a great crowd and I thank God I found this place - I just think the fewer who know the better.

As to % of population in the UK who know about PE I couldn’t put a figure on it but I think it must be increasing rapidly albeit from a low level.

Your neighbour down the street, and that guy in the cubicle across from you are PE’ing as well, so don’t miss any sessions :)

That’s my motivation!!

Seriously, I would think 1% of all men are actively growing their cocks, another 10% have dabbled but nothing serious, and probably 60% only wished they could but never investigated.

Mbuc, you are not alone. I also like the people here but like you I don’t need any more competition on the game :D . I think there is under 10 Finnish members here. Hope it stays, lets say under 20 for a long time (at least couple years so I can make a goooooood head start).

Before PE: NBPEL 5.50" x EG 4.30"

Current: NBPEL 6.50" (BPEL 7.5") x EG 4.6" (head EG 5")

Goal: NBPEL 7.00" x EG 5.25"

Dobbelbock you’re right most of the world have got far more important things to do like finding food to worry about growing thier dicks.

You just know you must have a good life when one of your hobbies is growing your dick.

Hmm might turn that into my saying.

Is there an echo in here?

I have sexdaily! I mean dyslexia! Fcuk!

“How many people know about PE?”


It’s not just you mbuc. There’s enough general information out there that all one would have to do is probe a little and they’ll stumble into a mountain of info. If you have a PC and your size is an issue and you want to do something about it, I think coming across Thunder’s Place is inevitable, so there’s no need to say anything. With that, I have to admit (single especially) guys who voluntarily share their finds to men around them bother me. Maybe they’re naive to the fact the fkbuddy pool decreases the more guys grow? It’s back to square one when it comes to “an edge” for the guys who don’t look like models that want to bang hotties. My main concern is a scenario like this:

Biggest PE fear- Someone out there exposes or presents a sure fire way to get incredible gains in a amount of time that doesn’t take YEARS and it’s ‘voluntarily’ shared..eventually ending up on Thunders, etc.

It’s broken down even further into a 1 page tutorial by gurus, pinned on the front of PE sites all over the web, causing the erotica apocalypse. Everyone not apt in the looks category ends up hung like Lex/Julian, miserable, and right back where they started in the bang hotties dept. Worst of all, once the PE Pandora’s box gets opened there’s no turning back.

Woo damn, I just scared myself seeing what I’ve been thinking on screen.

???? With all the daily spam about it? I think the question should be how many guys take it serious. Or seriously believe that they can actually do something about their size. For years we’ve been told “sorry guys, what you’ve have is what you have”. One of Life’s cruel jokes. And hey, those pump things? they don’t work either. I’m beginning to think it’s because the guys in the know didn’t want it to get out.
One quick look at those African / Indian tribe guys with the 2 foot units tells you it IS possible. The trick is to try and make sure it’s still usable and not disgustingly ugly / damaged when you’re done. If I have to pulverize my cock to make it grow, I really have to wonder if it’s worth it. Guys are soooo vain about their cock size and the girls really don’t help it either. Although often times it’s the messages in our own heads that we tell ourselves that do the real damage. Even if you are average or even slightly above, somebody sometime in your life is going to tell you that you have a tiny dick and use that statement to F* with your head. Let me relate something to you:

One of my brothers is one of those “naturally gifted” guys. His penis is at least 9 or 10 inches long and I’m not exaggerating at all. Can you imagine the “penis envy” I grew up with? Especially since we’re very close in age and often times we were trying for the same girls. I think some of the ones I wound up with were because of the rumors alone - lol. He never boasted or bragged about it though, he was and still is quite reserved about it - my father did the boasting for him, often to his embarrassment. Cruel as kids are when we’re growing up, I received the nick name “pin dick” because mine wasn’t AS big. Although it’s certainly bigger than any of my other brothers dicks and most of my friends also. But that FN name stuck for a long time and I hated it. My asshole brothers would even call me it in front of my girl friends. Although, My one “gifted” brother never referenced anyones cock size - he didn’t have to. I’m also more of a grower than a shower, which didn’t help matters either. After a lot of reading, I finally got the tape measure out to satisfy my own curiosity - about 7.1 or 7.2 EL, hmmm not bad if I’m to believe everything I’ve read about “average” cock size. I also finally backed out of the cock size competitions about ten years ago when I started having children. WTF do I need to get involved in that crap for anymore? My dick works and no one ever complained.

Personally, I don’t care if my dick grows a single mm. One of the best things I’ve gotten out of PE so far is that I’m becoming more of a shower and less of a grower. Also after years of smoking, caffeine, work, stress, kids, etc. I was beginning to think that “morning wood” was a thing of my youth. Since I’ve started to PE (and much to my delight), good strong morning erections have returned (I was seriously beginning to think some thing was wrong with me/it) and I’ve also started having those spontaneous erections through out the day like I did in my youth - I can’t tell you how comforting that alone feels. Hell, the other day the wife woke me up by saying: “put that monster away and get out of bed before you hurt someone” - I smiled all day. Like I said, we are soooo vain about our cocks.

As far as ” how many people know about PE?” - who cares? the important thing is that I KNOW ABOUT IT.
and that I discovered this really cool (FREE) place about it called Thundersplace - That’s what matters.

Thanks Thunder.

Just about everyone knows about PE. Hell, if you watch TV you have heard about it. Remember that commercial about “Bob”?

The thing is most everyone thinks it doesn’t work.

Remember.this PE stuff doesn’t work. ;)

Well said, sheneedsmore. I agree. Hehe.

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Interestingly enough, I have had the OPPOSITE experience compared to most of the guys on this thread.

Every girl I have been with has told me I don’t need to worry and that I am stupid for even wanting a bigger dick. My most recent ex told me I was welcome to do it, but that if I was doing, it would be for my “next” girlfriend, not for her. She basically told me that if I made my dick any bigger, she would no longer be interested in having sex with me.

The above is relatively surprising in light of my VERY small penis — 5.01 bone pressed/4.3 circumference

Girls will always say that type of thing if you ask them about your dick size. It’s true it may not be important to them, but if you did have a big dick, she would gloat about it to all her friends.

But never ask a girl about your dick size. You’ll never hear the truth. If your dick is big for real she will bring it up herself probably quite often with a smile on her face.

Sorry..I think I actually intended that post for the “comments about your penis” thread. Not sure how it ended up here.

But now that we are on the topic…what I told her was that I was doing PE to make it bigger. She was like “oh no you don’t”

I think most of the guys here are seriously jilted when it comes to penis size. Now, don’t get me wrong, I want a larger penis and that is why I am here. However, to the VAST majority of women — and this includes women who have been around the block and are freakish, into anal, etc. — it doesn’t matter one bit unless 1. u are an insecure idiot OR 2. you suffer from the condition known as “micropenis”

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