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How Many Newbs are Skeptical


How Many Newbs are Skeptical

How many of you newbies are skeptical that PE actually works?

Hahahaha. It doesn’t work! Why bother ?

I suppose I’m still newb-ish, I’m not the most optimistic of people at the best of times, so at first I was a little skeptical, and after not seeing any gains in nearly two months, I got a little more skeptical.

Think I gained 0.25” so far though, so something is working.

The best thing to do is remind yourself that there are plenty of guys on here who have made real and impressive gains.

I think that being skeptical is the opposite of faith, You got to have faith in everything you do in life. I just started a couple weeks ago but I have faith that it will work, so onward and bigger I go :)

Start bpel 6.0 - EG (mid) 4.8

Update bpel 6.25 - EG 4.9-5.0 .. 12/28/11

GOAL bpel 7.5 - EG 5.5-6.0

People who are skeptical about things usually don’t get much further in life than people who ain’t.

I thought it was another scam on first reading about it, but after ready progress reports and shiz as part of my research, I had faith in it.

Stick with it, I was kind of skeptical I guess but was willing to stick with it for months until gains were made. Luckily my length is already beginning to increase!

-Biggums out

(Start) 09/07 - Nbpel (6.87");bpel (7.12");eg (4.75")

(Current) - Nbpel (7.25"); Bpel (7.50"); Eg (5.00")

1st Goal - Nbpel (7.3");eg (5.3")-Long Term - Nbpel (7.5"); eg (5.75")

By all means a healthy dose of skepticism is extremely useful in the world of ‘making your dick bigger’. There is so much unadulterated b/s out there in cyberspace (magic pills, bogus doctors etc) that anyone first time at Thunders is probably going to want to look at the whole thing very carefully. Fact is when the newbie newbie (1st time on the site) has a look around, sees that what everyone has to say it is like “this is WAY too good to be true”, and skepticism kicks in (“if it’s that good it can’t be true”).. Well gotta tell you LBH, every now and then you do come across something that breaks the “too good to be rue” paradigm and Thunders is one of them. Yes you do get a few ‘dodgy brothers’ claims (check out Heaven in Manila thread in Member Pics if you want a laugh) but most of what you see here is the result of integrity, honesty and lots and lots of hard work.
Just remember the famous quote by Henry Ford, “those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both right”. So leave your skepticism at the door LBH and pick it up again as you leave. If you want a bigger dick, this is the place to get it.

“Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”
- Humphrey Bogart to Claude Raines, Casablanca

Hi, - I am quite new to thunders but a little ‘older’ than a newbie (6 months or so).

I am an extremely sceptical person (scientist AND MD), but my almost scientific impression after a lot of reading was that PE should actually work.

What made me sceptical then again were statements in thunders that some guys here apparently are unable to make any gains.

I am not sceptical any more, since I couldn’t believe the ruler recently when I realized that I had gained 1/3 of an inch. I was so happy that I told my girlfriend who reacted as most caring (*s*) female would ..

Anyhow - stay sceptical but start your PE training TODAY!



“Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”
- Humphrey Bogart to Claude Raines, Casablanca

I was skeptical, but now I’m bigger.


I was very sceptical. I found out about PE a long time ago, I gave it an un commited shot. I saw nothing.

Later I saw a pop up about a sizemaster penis stretcher. I thought, the pills and all are BS, Actually tried some once. I never saw anything. The theory behind it made sense to me so I searched around.

I found a site,sorry don’t have a link but I choose the total gain routine. I gave it a fairly consistant try for a month.

I had just found this site before I wasn’t gonna have Internet options for 2 months.

Well out of the the 8 weeks I was out of touch I gave PE an honest chance. I was fairly consistent for most of the time. I had some spots that concerned me from doing to much and had to stop my routine 2 times. So all in all I figure I did 4 weeks worth.

The results were going from 6 1/8 to 6 3/4. I was shocked and a believer after that. While the forum gives Bibs LOT theory alot of weight I believe it is simpler than that. I think the higher your erection angle is the faster you will gain. Mine was 12 when in shape. I think an obvious sign my tendons are abnormal and stretching them will provide fast gains for this simple fact.

I haven’t read anyone gaining lenght as fast as me, maybe I hold a record here, Wohooooooooooooo.

After my initial gains I took a month off and was reduced to 6.5.

I started back up and after 2 months of stretching and clamping I went to 7 and increased girth by 1/4”. I’m not sure on the girth though. Before I was 4.5 but at the point of no return I would swell to 4.75. Now I’m 4.75 all the time even though I’m on my month off so no guarantees there.

The reason for my months off is just my work schedual, Unusual job.

Hope this helps, Just do what I did, Give this an honest shot and you will be supprised, It does work,No ones here trying to sell you anything,This is free. Don’t expect to gain fast,some people do some people don’t. It seems to me the only people that fail are the people who don’t commit or experiment. You have to find what works for you.

If you find success donate something to the site for making your life better. I will if I find success here with my girth, I found success in lenght from somewhere else though. Info for both are here, all you gotta do is read.


I”m a bit skeptical.

I started at the first of this month, and can already see gains. I am a skeptic by nature also, but a going to give it a try. I have found that people who achieve success, in any area, are the ones that have really given their best effort. I have decided to apply this idea to my life, both here, and in other areas as well.

If you are still skeptical after completing the 3 month newbie routine, then I will wish you well.

I wasted my time with those pills they advertise(Pro-solution) which does absolutely nothing by themselves. Now mixing in PE, I finally see some gains. I can’t believe I actually spent about $600.00 on those pills.

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