Hey Babbis,
Looks like you’ve picked up close to an inch (2 cm) in a bit over a year of PE. No, the gain is not spectacular but consider this. Even if you do more than pick up another 2cm per year, by the middle / end of 2008 you will be in the 8 inch Club! No idea how old you are but 3 years in a lifetime is nothing. Unless you are already really old (suspect your not) you’re going to get many, many years of penis-pleasure and gulping and gawping females (my God Babbis, it’s HUGE!). Patience is the key kid. And as for the skeptical voice in your head; just thank it for sharing and show it the door. PE works; you’ve proved it does.

I am 26, have a girlfriend and a 2 year old son. The only female that will be “gulping and gawping” my penis is my girlfriend. :D But hey, thanks for the motivation longwidehard! You should check out the logs in my signature, I think the post I made here might have given you the wrong impression about me. :warp: