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How many kegels a day should you do

How many kegels a day should you do

I usually just pull my dick out like a very light stretch and kegel so it tugs back and do that for as long as possible like 5 times. So that might even only be 25 seconds total and even that I barely bother with. Which doesn’t seem very much. I definitely think I could be harder and cum further.


actually, that is way overboard! but that is the number i try for. I have been working up to that for a period of years, its nothing one can just start doing overnight. I haven’t experienced anything adverse from it, but it might for some if its over done.

5-10 minutes of random duration kegels (anywhere from 1 second to 2 minutes).

The question is not how many SHOULD you do…

…its how many CAN you do?

Think of it like a chalenge that you only win when you can hold a kegel for 1 hour straight.

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Originally Posted by WhiskeyFish
The question is not how many SHOULD you do…

…its how many CAN you do?

Think of it like a chalenge that you only win when you can hold a kegel for 1 hour straight.

Like with any other muscle, you can overtrain with too many kegels.

Yeah, I’ve gotten a cramp in my PC muscle before (Or BC, still not able to differentiate the two in terms of feeling).
Really painful.
If you’re starting out, something along the lines of 3 sets of 20 should be a good starting point, this will seem like nothing to seasoned ‘kegelers’ who are probably ‘kegelling’ while reading this. Lol.
But, gradually increase the amount of reps and sets as the weeks go by and you’ll notice the difference in no time..

Best thing about them is that they can be done anywhere, without people really noticing you’re doing them. So the amount you will eventually be able to do per day could be colossal.

Depending on your current strength I’d say take a day and do as many as you can until you feel fatigued, then, gauge how many you can do realistically per day from that.

It really does vary, but like previous posters have said: Aim for what you can do and improve from there. I picked up a routine on this site and modified it to my tastes, and it’s been working miracles for me. I’m currently up to 100 holds of 2 seconds, 30 holds of 15 seconds, and 5 holds of a minute for my kegels. I’m aiming for 300, 100, and 20 respectively.

Just set yourself a goal, get to it, then work to surpass it.

If you don’t want to get too into kegelling then just do 20 - 50 whenever you remember, when driving to and from work or just watching TV etc. No need to pull your penis out to do a kegel.

If you want to get committed then theres a kegel routine in my thread (in the signature). It involves some pretty intense kegelling, I wouldn’t start doing it until you feel that you have a pretty strong BC muscle.

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I don’t know if there is an exact recommendation for everyone. I have reduced the number, and focused on doing them better, and also with some weights.(very light ones at that)

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