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How many jelqs do you do?

How many jelqs do you do?

I’ve been noticing that some guys are doing a TON of jelqs in their routine. Obviously, everyone is different and there is no X amount of jelqs that’s perfect, but I’d like to hear from those who do jelq.

How many jelqs do you have in your routine and how often do you do that routine?

I do a 5 on 2 off routine and have 100-150 jelqs per session once a day. Average probably comes out to 110 jelqs. Anymore and I think I’d jelq my little buddy off :noreally:

Hi Blackhatbrigade,

I don’t know where but I once read a pole in which people were asked how many jelqs they performed during a session. The result was that the more time one spends on PE the greater the effect.
I was on a 1/on 1/off routine of 400 jelqs. No results however but I’m working on that. I’ve started the 2/on 1/off routine as of yesterday. I will decrease the number of jelqs though, 200 for starters, don’t want to jelq my best friend off either.

I think it’s personal. If it feels right? Stick with it, if it doesn’t then in- or decrease.

I don’t think the number of jelqs is as important as how long you spend doing it. In other words, it is better to spend 10 minutes doing 100 jelqs than 5 minutes doing 200. All the veterans say that long, slow strokes are superior to short, quick ones.

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