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How many jelqs do you do/ or time spent


How many jelqs do you do/ or time spent

I saw the newbiew routine recommends 10 min/300jelq and in 6 weeks up to 30min which would be 900. Do you guys really do that many? It seems like over kill right?

I’ve never done that many. Could be why I’m not really gaining girth though. When I pushed to 100 jelqs I made 0.2 gain in girth. Now I only do about 30 in the shower after pumping. I make fleeting gains in girth but it stays at 5.25 almost always.

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I spend 30 minutes jelqing in the evening and I get a great result. I don’t actually sit and count them, I just watch TV.

I also do several dry jelqs throughout the day during bathroom breaks.

The initial 10 minutes is so that your organ gets accustomed to the stress, so that it can comfortably tolerate more, which is important since we’re trying to stress the tissues to promote growth.

Well, with a little math we can see you don’t want to do 300/10mins.

10min*60sec/300jelqs=2sec/jelq. Not something I would be doing since you would need to go the max recommended speed with no breaks or anything.

Anyways I prefer the Jelqing 101 thread’s view of choosing a number per day.

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I usually keep it between 80 and 150 depending on how the session is going and how I’m feeling. The jelqs typically range from 1.5 to 3.5 seconds, but I’ve found that my girth increases when I’m practically 100% erect and jelq. You have to be careful, but if you want girth I’d suggest giving it a shot! Try jelqing at different levels of hardness.

I do 200 to 250. More gives me negative indicators.

I love my wifes booty. And want to stuff it with the biggest pipe I can grow!

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After about the first week or so, I bumped my time from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. I notice a HUGE (hehe) difference in my girth. I make sure to keep my jelqs slow and powerful, and I keep my erection level at about 60 or 70%.

Wow 30minutes seems to be a lot though? You are fatigued by it?

That’s the thing. You tend to get bored of stroking your penis, so after a good while I call it a routine and stop. Every now and then during jelqing, I do some Ulis to trap as much blood in there as possible and just hold it in to expand the tissues inside. It really wears out your EQ (at least for me) so I tend to quit earlier when I do.

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I do about 80 to 100 per session trying to do two sessions a day right now. Sometimes my dick just isn’t up to reaching 100 jelqs though.

20 min. (1 southpark episode)

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Now that I’m conditioned I do at least an hour a day.

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I do 10 minutes worth a day but not 300 at a time.

I think 15 is enough for me, but I’m slowing ramping up

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