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How many days off required to "set you back"

How many days off required to "set you back"

We always hear of people losing gains when they take time off of PE. But what would be a rule of thumb for number of days off until you start losing gains?

2 weeks? 1 week? 5 days?

Sometimes I have business trips that take 3-5 days….

We’re all different, but I don’t think 3-5 days would be enough to affect your gains significantly. Even on a business trip you should be able to stretch and jelq for maintenance.

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I recently went on a 14 day holiday and didn’t want to lose the small gains I just made.
So to be sure there weren’t any setbacks I measured before and after. I was exactly the same size afterwards.

On a different note I was amazed at how much stealth PE you can actually accomplish. By just being careful I was even able to do a few complete PE sessions in the shower.

As clgp7 said, we are all different. But I don’t think a few days off and some stealth PE will make you start losing your gains. Maybe it’ll slow down your gains, but I think that’s it.

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Current: BPEL 6.7inch, MSEG 4.7inch.

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8 days and I felt like my peni was gone :D the good thing is that I can return it back for a week

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It really depends on the person. I took an entire year off from PEing, no jelqing, no stretching and no kegels NOTHING at all. And I lost absolutely nothing. I jumped right back into PEing with the exact same stats as I had when I left. I will say that I lost weight during that time so I’m sure that helped.

Started: 10-18-08 BPEL: 6.3 inches; BPEG: 4.8 inches.

Currently: BPEL 7.4 inches; BPEG: 5.2 inches

Goal: BPEL:8-8.5 inches; BPEG: 6 inches.

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