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How many days a week

How many days a week

Pretty straight forward question here. I’ve been averaging 3+ days per week so far and have noted increased flaccid hang and baggier skin on my dick- more wrinkled and veiny (!). Do most of you gainers do your PE with greater frequency than this? What would you say the *minimum* amount of times per week and minutes per session that you’d say were effective in your opinions.

I try to do 4 days a week at least and if I can find time on the weekends I will do a workout then too.

taking days off seems to help the gaining.

Beginning mesurements

6'3 bpel

5'6 girth

I PE five days a week. I stretch all 5 days, but I only do my girth routine 3 days a week (MWF). I have found that doing it that way gives me the best results. Like slack said though, it’s all up to what works best for you.


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