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How many 440 Horse in a jelq session

How many 440 Horse in a jelq session

Hy guys..

In a session of 25 minutes of jelq (3-second stroke=500 jelq) how many Horse 440 and how often?

I’m thinking a 10-second Horse every 100 jelq for the first week and then 15 sec for the second.up to 30 sec.

10x15 sec works wonderful for me.

Birdr2, :smack:

In a session of 25 minutes of jelqs you should be doing no Horse squeezes. These things are a very advanced exercise. Advanced doesn’t mean that they will give you better gains than other exercises and that they are a super secret magic hidden PE technique. It means that Horse 440’s are the exercise most likely to give you an injury and you shouldn’t even think messing with them unless you have some time in and other stuff isn’t working for you.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Bird2: thank you for being always ready to give me advices :-)

Iamaru: After 3 months of newbie routine I’ve planned this new routine and instead of jelq squeeze that are difficult to me I’d like to start
Horse squeeze.naturally with caution :-)

My new routine is:

10 minutes warm wrap

6 minutes 12 x 30-seconds stretch (3 for each directions)
6 minutes inverted v-stretch (4 stretch : for each 30 second at the base,30 at the middle,30 under the glans)

5 minutes warm wrap

25 minutes jelq (min 300 jelq / max 400 jelq at 3-seconds stroke —>depending on concentration :-( and a 10-second horse squeeze every 100 jelq)
5 minutes plumped-blend only upward and lateral (to correct a upward bend) (2 minutes upward and 1,5 minutes for each side) = 4 30-seconds upward 3 30-seconds for each side.

10 minutes warm wrap

For the first months 2 day on and 1 off and then for the second months 3 day on and 1 off.

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