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How low can the fat pad go?

How low can the fat pad go?

How low do you think most people can get the fat pad? If they are dedicated to losing weight and have virtually no body fat do you think most can get down to 0.25”? Or are there more factors then just that?

Pre-PE: BPEL 6.25" NBPEL 5.8" EG 5.75 " Now: BPEL 7" NBPEL 6.5" EG 5.95"

Final goal: BPEL 7.5" NBPEL 7" EG 6"

You have to think about what is sustainable though. I’m sure bodybuilders right before a competition get to ridiculously low fatpad, virtually nothing but they only stay in that condition for a few days.

If you could get yours to 0.25 for example, what’s the point if it took so much work to maintain it? As soon as you got sick (and couldn’t work out) or got older, it’s inevitable to put on at least a bit of weight. There’s probably a number a bit higher, where it’s easier to maintain but still very small. Maybe 0.3 or 0.4. It’d probably be different for every person due to genetics etc.


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