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How long until PE becomes mainstream

Wamrage makes many valid points.

I estimate 20 years.

Not sure it should be mainstream because of the risk of injury for the many people who just aren’t going to follow directions.

Originally Posted by Aceuz
While for some it may be a burden to live a healthy life stile. But for many they do it because they enjoy it. I know allot of people who dont only got to the gym for results but because they have being doing it for so long it has become enjoyable.

For me PE is not all that enjoyable. It takes allot of time and heating can be a pain. As well as causing pain the next day, and not the nice kind of pain you get after a good workout.

There is a lot more people who are too lazy to work out than people who enjoy it.

If your warming up causes you pain, you’re doing it wrong.

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In the 7 years or so I’ve been hanging about here, the membership numbers have rocketed. How many of those guys have hung (haha) about past their initial burst of enthusiasm? Very, very few.

The ‘bodybuilding’ parallel is an easy one to draw, and there are a lot of similarities. But if you put the time in at the gym, it’s obvious to everyone. If you put the time into PE, very few people ever find out. Nor does it increase your longevity or help you ski or climb mountains or play ball with the grand-kids. So the incentives to PE are far less than those of putting in the exercise time and eating well.

Everyone will know about PE. Most will still find playing on their Xbox or PS3 more appealing though, just as they do now. :p

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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I just had an mental image of the PE isle at the local sporting goods store in a world where PE is mainstream:
All sorts of wraps, clamps and weights, books and DVDs.
Different assortment of extenders behind the locking glass doors.
Commission sales people “helping” you choose the right equipment.

I know this image is a little too mainstream, but I think the widespread adoption of PE is very far down the road.
Some people are afraid to walk into a sex shop because of the stigma that is attached to it. I can’t imagine the taboo of PE being lifted anytime soon.

I think this taboo is part of what makes this site so great.

Thunder’s provides a place which only draws in people who are genuinely interested, who are happy to learn and contribute, unlike a commercial environment, which will tend to draw in research and “experts” who are primarily interested in making money.

If PE ever does go mainstream it will be because of communities like Thunder’s Place, and by then, we will be ready.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Originally Posted by firegoat
Most will still find playing on their Xbox or PS3 more appealing though, just as they do now. :p

Who says you can’t do both at the same time? :) PS3 and hanging are my two favorite pastimes haha.

As for the question at hand…PE will become mainstream if and only if the medical community puts its stamp of approval on PE. Whether that will ever happen remains to be seen. Even if PE does become mainstream and the average penis size does increase by a half inch or so it won’t make much of a difference. After all, women can’t perform VE lol.

Actually, I think ThunderSS should go on Letterman.

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Lol And do what, pull a truck with his penis like a chegong iron penis monk?

I do remember one celebrity on a talk show talking about how he would lay face down with his penis through the mesh in a wet hammock. When the hammock dried it constricted his penis like a clamp.

Think about it this way. We live in an age that’s all about instant gratification. Every year people make new year’s resolutions to start getting in shape, etc., but it lasts 2 weeks to 1 month because they aren’t getting immediate results.

If PE did become mainstream, probably 80% of guys wouldn’t get more than 1-2 months in before stopping. Most likely because they wouldn’t see the results they were hoping for or because they figure it is too much work. Personally, I think everyone who sticks around here for long periods are just more motivated people.

Also think about the view on PE right now. You see all these ads for pills and creams that will do your PE for you. Most people know these are scams and figure that all PE is a scam. So these reservations will carry over when they discover exercises that will make them larger. They will probably figure that all the PE aids like pumps, extenders, etc. Are fakes as well.

I would love to see the morning talk shows.

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At least 47 years.

I think there were vacuum pumps with J. Holmes and other pornstars as testimonials already back in ’70s.

I do believe being consistent with PE is harder than being consistent in going in a gym.

Originally Posted by Aceuz
I have been thinking how long it will be until every man is PEing. When it comes like body building. The more people the faster the word spreads of it’s benefits, it multiples. I’m going to say in only 10 years almost every man will know the benefits of PE and will be practising. Of course the question is, how many guys would be willing to spend 20 mins a day? I’m going to say the majority.

My routine is already taking me almost an hour a day. My exercise regimen takes double that. I’m going to say it will be exactly like working out in that, some people will start naturally higher than me, and not require as much maintenance work as me, but I’m comfortable with where I am and know I’m doing good, so I don’t care about comparing with them. Additionally, even though many benefits of exercise are well known, plenty of people will not go to the gym, and actually a TON of people are ignorant on the subject.

I’ve given a presentation about the benefits of weightlifting for my speech class and I had people arguing with me the same old ‘not everyone has time’, ‘body type is more genetic than anything’, ‘I don’t care about looks’, ‘it just makes me more stressed’. All kinds of comments that I would gladly argue with them about, but I don’t think it would have done anything. There are even groups like the NAAFP (National Advancement for the Acceptance of Fat Persons) which go directly against the information about exercise and dieting, I’m sure there will be a National Advancement for the Acceptance of Small Penises group if PE ever became more widely known. However, I would actually support them. I can’t imagine getting mad at someone for not wanting to do PE, unlike with overall health.

Originally Posted by 8inchM
Dont thing soo, imo, people will compensate lacks on their looks by doing PE. Also the competition between man penises is different than between man bodies. If you are short you propably wont go to the gym, but for sure do PE, for example.

Do you go to the gym often? I always see lots of short guys in there. What do you consider short? I think short people feel like they have to prove something by going to the gym way more than tall people do. You can deadlift 500 lbs… but I can reach the cookies on the top shelf :)

Originally Posted by Wamrage
Not to mention there is internet,tons of magasines,personal trainers,nutrition,videos but still it isn’t enough.

PE takes a lot more tenacity, work and persistence to see results than exercising, too. So even less will do it than working out. Also, PE is NOT safe!! The more popular it gets, the more idiots who will do serious harm to themselves.thus, PE will be labeled as dangerous and it’s popularity will die down.

The first part made me laugh a ton. I want to see the new routines and supplements coming out literally monthly for PE from 10 different sources. Also a PE ‘Personal Trainer’. I want to see a completely straight guy saying he wants a hot woman trainer, but if it’s gotta be a guy, he better be HUNG because I’m not gonna learn PE from someone who won’t practice what they preach. Also, the number of broken dicks will be enough to dissuade quite a few people from doing PE. Just think that everybody with a back injury from lifting too much too soon is going to be replaced by someone with a PE injury.


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