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How Long Until An ADS Is Ok to Use

How Long Until An ADS Is Ok to Use

I am curious if anyone has a good idea of how long you should be doing PE before using an ADS. I know people vary and what works for one guy might not for the other, but I am hoping to get an idea of when to start. Would 3 months be to soon?

I ask because in about 3 months I will be going back to college and being able to get a stretch in while I study would be nice.

I don’t think something like a light ADS system is too harsh for a newbie to do. I wouldn’t advise doing aggressive ADS work, but something light enough to maintain a stretch all day could probably help.

You may find that just doing the newbie routine is all you require to achieve your goals. I think a good approach to PE is doing JUST enough to cause growth, and no more. If you’re just now starting (going by your join date), then just stick to the manual newbie routine until you go back to school.

Thank you for your input. I did just start this month and trying to figure out my pace and of course doing with the newbie routine along with a lot of reading. Another question to add so I do not need to make a new thread.

Since I am just starting out, would you guys recommend taking a series of photos so I can reference what my normal is in order to help spot any abnormalities as I progress?

Yes, taking photographs would be a good idea. An added benefit is you will have records to track your growth. Stay positive, mate!

I used an extender for years before I ever did any other kind of PE and it worked. I never went on forums like this so I didn’t have people telling me to do a newbie routine.

Mid 2006 ≈5 NBPEL -----> Mar 2011 >7" NBPEL

Originally Posted by Baba_Booey

I used an extender for years before I ever did any other kind of PE and it worked.

Do you mind sharing how many months you wore your extender, how many hours a day you wore it, and your results?

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