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How long to wait between kegel workouts

How long to wait between kegel workouts

So after much experimentation with different workouts I have found a kegel workout that I really like and it works well. I will do ten slow and deliberate contractions and then one long contraction that I hold for 15-20 seconds. I’ll do as many sets as I can, usually about 4 right now. I’ve found that it takes 2-3 days of rest to get back to full strength and my abilities are greatly diminished in the mean time. Can I expect that once I get stronger I won’t need as much rest time and I won’t get as weak in between, which would be similarly expected with weightlifting of any other muscle? Also should I wait till I’m fully recovered to kegel again or just try to crank out the weaker sessions? Any advice is welcome.

Cool workout. My experience has been to wait a day or two, but everyone is different!

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