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how long to hang?

how long to hang?

Wassup guys!
I have been hanging 8lbs for 20-30 minutes,have to stop cos it gets quite painful after this.Would It be better to reduce weight and hang for longer?
Also would I be better jelqing on a different day to hanging?


Do you mean you hang for 30 min without taking breaks?

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Waddup Mani!

Limit all sets to 20 minutes at most.
When you begin to feel this “pain” consider reducing your weight and continuing with more sets. What you will be doing is working in a fatigued state. The ideal routine has you achieve this state quickly at your maximum weight (8lbs in your case) and then “riding fatigue down”.

A simple reduction of 1lbs usually allows a guy to continue hanging. When this reduced weight causes more fatigue you should further reduce your weight - and so on, until you are at half of your maximum. Then call it a day.

Results come from working in a fatigued state. It is how we slowly, safely break down our limiting factors.

Jelq as needed, but go lightly. Combining girth work with hanging holds all sorts of negative potential IMO. Personally, I rest on days off. Keeps the motivation up.

When pain starts, your body is telling you something… remember that.

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