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How long should I rest for these neg PI's

How long should I rest for these neg PI's

Newb routine for 6 weeks. Was doing well and felling good. No real actual gains, but much longer flaccid length and great EQ.and my dorsal is becoming really prominent. Now, all of sudden I’m getting these neg PI’s. No longer is my flaccid hanging well. My EQ and morning wood has decreased. I’ve been doing PE Mon, Tu, Th, F for the last 6 weeks. With the Neg PI’s, I just took Friday off to give myself another day rest. Should I continue to rest for a week or so or drudge on?

Here is my routine for reference

Approx 10 mins. 1 min intervals in all directions with a couple of V stretches and a couple of tunic twists at the end

100-200 wet jelq depending on privacy

Hand clamp - I get as engorged as possible while cutting off circ at the base with my hand using an OK grip. Hold for 1 min then I message for 1 min. Repeat 4 times

50-100 kegels.

Any suggestions would be great (and weeks)

One week of break should be sufficient. If you wake up with good PI, and no soreness, then you are good to continue.

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Thanks kubchaser. I’ve never really had any soreness from PE aside from skin irritation and some bad brusing from incorrect stretching and dry jelqing in the beginning. Warmup, stretch, wet jelq, clamp, kegel warm down was great for a while.but like I said.all of a sudden just neg PIs

You can’t really put a number on the days, just wait until you get your unit back to tip-top EQ.

Based only on my own experience, I would say the hand clamping is what did you in. Try not to use too much force. I went through a firm-flaccid period and it was because of erect squeeze and bends.

Remember this is a marathon.

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Goals: NBPEL = 7.0 MSEG = 6.0

Rest until the negative PI’s are gone - sometimes you can recover, and then leave it too long and get what appear to be negative PI’s but in actuality it’s your unit returning to its previously untrained state. Careful of this and good luck :)

Other variables can influence PI: exercise, caffeine, stress. You need to be fully in-tune with your body to reap the greatest rewards.

Thanks guys! Like lots of people, I roller coaster with exercise. Just had 4 month stretch of very little due to a new addition to the family. Starting to get back in now. Stress is a given in my life as is was booze, but I’m really working on that. I’m gonna give it a good 5 days and try and get back in.

Persian - you’re probably right with the clamping.I started that around week 3.thats right around when the hard flaccids started for me. I simply couldn’t adhere to the less is more principle of PE. I want it and I want it now and if I do more I will get it quicker .. Now I’m paying the price. Live and learn. Ill come back to a more strict newbe routine.warm, stretch, jelq, kegle, warm.

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