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How long should I be on the 'Newbie Routine'

How long should I be on the 'Newbie Routine'

Do I carry on until I stop getting “linear gains” à la Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe or do I do it for a set amount of time and feel confident enough to experiment?

Also, when I’ve finished with the ‘Newbie Routine’, I can advance onto many other things; advanced jelqs & stretching, clamping, hanging, pumping. Am I missing anything from that list? Maybe extenders?


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“If it aint broke, don’t fix it” as the old saying goes. If you are making gains with just the newbie routine, then just stick to that.

It’s not a question, Keep doing it, And Later on maybe you add more strokes , Or some clamping , But Me personally I stick to newbie, Even after 6 7 month, The jelqing is in newbie routine, And when you reach your dead end, That’s when you start adding more on your exercise So stick to it as long as you gain.

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My advice to you would be keep doing the newbie routine as long as you gains. You can measure once every month as an indicator. Once you hit plateau, you can advance your PE exercise to hanging, clamping, and others.

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Get eveything you can from the newbie routine first. The secret to gaining long term is to only do as much as you have to to get gains. If you do more than you have to, you just toughen your dick up and then you have to take an extended deconditioning break to get it back to a state you can work with again.

Having said that, after a month of consistent newbie routine, check out the videos section and add 1 session a week of something else to the routine, just to confuse your penis a bit. But take it easy of you are increasing pressures a lot.

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