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How long of a break?

How long of a break?

I’ve done PE on and off for a few years, but this past month and a half I got back into it again and started doing so fairly intense jelqing sessions and manual stretches. I then tried the clamp for the first time, doing it incorrectly and applying the pressure on the top and bottom of my penis, and now I believe I’ve slightly irritated the nerve along the top of my shaft towards the base. I have no bruising to speak of, I can still get erections and jack off just fine, and the only discoloration to speak of is a blue tint to the bottom half of the head of the penis, near the urethral opening (any idea what causes that and how to prevent it?). I clamped for only 5 minutes today, and it still feels kind of odd down there, well like a pinched nerve basically, and now has a slight whitish hue to the head of the penis. I believe that the manual stretching also played an important part in my slight injury as for awhile I was having real trouble even getting an erection. I was thinking of 2 weeks off, with daily hot rice sock raps, penis slaps, hot bathes, and the like, is this enough time off? I know that my penis was conditioned enough to clamp as I don’t have any of the burt capillaries most people speak of, but I could be wrong. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

I’m new to so take my advice for what it’s worth. I take it your clamping like a extreme ULI clamp method? I saw that video and recall they say that only people that have PE’d for a few months do it. So my mind says well I’ll do a variation thats not so intense.
So I do it and use my hand as the clamp. Clamp it at the base with one hand and work up the shaft with the other.

As for you’re injury I have no advice but maybe take some time off.

It feels much better now, but I’ve decided to take a month off. And I only clamp, no extra squeezes or bends, and prior to this I did a jelq method where I would use one had to clamp at the base and the other to milk with, but thought that this would be a better option. Another possibility I was thinking of is that 10 minutes might have been too much for me at first as the erection you get is quite intense, and I might have developed a thrombose vein near the nerve and the friction of it is causing some slight discomfort, because I took 2 advil last night and I really think that it’s blood thinning properties did wonders (haven’t taken any yet today).

If I do start up again, I’m going to go painfully slow with clamping (I’m talking about a Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday routine starting off with a hot wrap, then light manual stretches, then 1 minute clamping sessions once a day and slowing building up on that, as I’d rather work on developing a patient personality then on healing an injured penis, plus I’m 6.5 NBEL by 5EG, I really don’t have a need to rush anything, you know.


Hi Bryann,

Lock your clamp in a drawer for the next 3 months. During this time learn to jelk properly as per the pictures and advice on the website. Introducing clamp moves so early on will only end in tears.

Give it a few days to a week to heal, as others have said, no point having a big penis if its not working.


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I actually can’t jelq the traditional 2 hand method as one, I developed a baseball bat look to my penis and two, have low hanging balls and constantly catch some scrotum sac skin with each milking motion, and I don’t really wan’t to stretch and bruise that thin skin.

Do you really think that if I only start off with 1 minute clamping sessions, once a day, 4 times a week, and honestly increase the time and sets slowly over months and months, that this is still too advanced? If so, then I’ll definitely try jelqing again, but I really enjoyed the solid workout of the clamp :-(

General thoughts/opinions from here would suggest that a period of conditioning is required before more rigorous techniques are used. The standard method to achieve this is through jelking/stretching by hand.

I recently read a thread about base ballooning (wrapping the top half of the penis to prevent expansion). You should perhaps search for this.

If you clamp too hard for 10 seconds it may be too much, what you have to know more than anything is how you react to the various pressures created, people that work over time getting to know their penis through more standard routines are far less likely to pick up injury because they know what to expect and how far to push.

I didn’t pick up on you being around the PE world for a while so it could be that you would need a shorter adjustment time. Honestly I think you could put the clamp to great use if you start out easy and watch what your doing.

A few weeks hard jelking will not give you anymore of a baseball bat penis and could help prevent injury, or your new bedroom call could just be, Bat ‘er Up !!!


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Hey Brag, forget everything I said about clamping, I think your 100% right about really having to take into consideration the pressure buildup. So no clamping for me and I greatly appreciate the warning.

Also, I jelqed for about 5 weeks or so and exhausted my penis and saw no real gains of any kind and that’s why I switched to clamping, which I did all for a total of one 10 minute session and two five minute sessions and one piddly little 2 minute one. My question is that after taking 2-3 weeks off from jelqing I noticed a few days ago that my penis was bigger than it was before (no way in hell it’d fit into a toilet paper roll without riping it), so does this have to do with the fact that I’m finally seeing some gains from jelqing by letting my penis recover or does this have to do with the recent inconsistent clamping I did (no session on the same day or even back to back days or every other day for that matter)? My gut says jelqing is the obvious cause of this growth, and that’s what I’m hoping for, but I’d really appreciate any incite you or others could offer here. Thanks.

Bryann, nothing stopping you from varying workouts over weeks instead of what is usually suggested(1on 1off etc.)

Personally I find being consistent over 2-3 weeks without breaks helps me a great deal with laziness in missing workouts then I congratulate myself and take 5-7 days off without anything but the occasional piss pull. It also allows me to keep a continued “ache” in my penis which I just cannot do working 1on1off 2on1off even 5 on 2 off doesn’t do it for me.

At some stage you’ll also have to come to terms with the little caveat that doesn’t get mentioned enough (although it does lots of times) that it may take 4-5 years of consistent manipulation before you can sit back and say “Hey I’ve now got a BIG cock”

If you’ve just clamped a couple of times I wouldn’t attribute the growth to clamping, these processes take a while, stick with the jelqing and stretching (with warm ups) and you hopefully will be pleasantly surprised 3-6 months from now as you churn young ladies stomachs then cast them aside ;)


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