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How Long it will take with a Traction Device

How Long it will take with a Traction Device

Hello everyone.

I am currently waiting for my andropenis device. It should arrive sometime tomorrow or Monday. I will post my results, along with pictures as I go.

I just have a question about all the calculations that everyone is getting.

I have seen this magic number of 0.001 inch/hr of traction, or 1000 hrs for a gain of 1 inch.

If you go to the andro medical website and use the calculator, you will find that it takes 5 months for a gain of 2.48cm, which is roughly 1inch. They recommend 4 - 9 hrs a day.

This would then equal about 0.496 a month. If 4 weeks is one month, then 0.496/4 = 0.124 gain per week.

If you then only perform the stretch for 5 days, with 2 days rest then 0.124/5 = 0.0248 gain per day.

The site claims 4 - 9 hours a day, which seems to be a huge difference:
So, you would gain 0.0248/4 = 0.0062cm/hr down to 0.00275cm/hr

Ok lets convert the above to the same unit measure
0.001 inch/hr = .001 inch = 0.00254 centimeters

As you can see, the numbers don’t line up, however, if you go for a full year:

6.42cm in growth / 365.25 days = 0.017577 daily gains / 4 hours = 0.004394

6.42cm in growth / 365.25 days = 0.017577 daily gains / 9 hours = 0.001953

I’m just wondering if the the 0.001 is actually the cm measure from the above.

Really confused!

But it’s late, I should go to bed.

I’m just curious where that 0.001inch/hr figure came from. I would like some feedback to clear my head, thanks.

Excited about the unit.

Get ready to throw all your calculations out the window when you start using the device. Some can’t even wear the unit for couple hours before they have to take it off because of comfort and numbness issues. You have to really experiment with it.. I guess you have to get used to it like everything else. I learned not to pay attention to those generic calculations and figures on websites because everyone’s different and every situation will be unique.

Hope it works out for you and keep us posted.

I’ve been re-crunching the numbers and I find that the 1000hr=1inch can work.

If 1000 hr = 1 inch
Then, 1000 / 10hrs a day = 100 days towards 1inch
So, 100 days with only 5 days out of the week = 20 weeks
Finally, 20 weeks / 4 = 5 months for 1 inch gains.

1 inch = 2.5cm approximately.

So can someone please check my math.

I used one of those for 8 months without any increase at all. I even wore it more than the recommended times ( after a month). It was awkward to fit and made my glans sore. It is one of the reasons why I am wary of many PE claims now. However, for me, this site, with it’s “newbie routine” and extra advice on manual exercises offers the best chance of PE.

Everyone will gain differently from these ADS devices. There is no “magic number”. Some guys could theoretically gain using it 4 hours a day, twhereas another guy would have to use it for 10 hours a day for the same gains.

The AndroPenis has a noose type attachment, which is dangerous and highly uncomfortable too.

There are definatly better ADS devices on the market, its a shame you’ve ordered already.

Will you be doing the newbie routine as well, or are you just using the Andro?

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How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

Welcome to Thunders :)

I see that you like to crunch numbers, nothing wrong with that my friend.
You might find this thread to be of some interest to you…
Penimaster Math

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


Thanks for all the feedback guys.

It was really late, and I couldn’t sleep.

Some count sheep, I was crunching numbers

Thanks for the Penimaster Math thread supersizeit.

Ascyltos69 - the andropenis does come with, at least, a 6 month guarantee. Maybe try to return the unit. Sorry it didn’t work out.

Slack - Yes, I read dozens, upon, dozens of articles on the noose vs. Comfort style. I’m pretty inventive and I think that I may have a solution. We shall see.

I opted for the, often more expensive, andropenis because of history, the cool box (enh, not really a reason but lets throw it in there ;-P ), and actually I got it at a far cheaper price than the jes, penimaster, etc etc. Warranty included, pills and creams (which I might sell, as I don’t really believe they do anything)

I have a pro-extender and I like the concept, but they are really uncomfortable to wear. I really can not go much more than two hours. Though I have gained an inch since october I think I am ready to throw in the towel on extenders and do some hanging. I figure an hour a day from hanging is better than two hours wearing the ADS


Ok my program will be a holistic one:
6am wake up, wack off, 8 minutes of regular exercise.
7am head to the gym - I live far away so it takes a while
8am - Pre Gym Hypnosis session - not PE related - any that are looking for a PE related tape, ask me.
Yadda yadda
11 or 12 start the first hour of traction after the newbie routine (as best as I can do it)
Hope fully wear the unit for the day, with plenty of breaks.

Relaxation tapes, work, studies, etc etc through out the day.
Perhaps I will add some magnet therapy, as I said this is for the whole body.

I need to lose some weight, hence the above. I will also be taking 6 healthful meals a day, with the bodybuilding.
Any bodybuilders out there? I need someone to kick my ass.

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