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How long for rest period between sessions

How long for rest period between sessions

Lets say I was doing a full PE session, say 1 full hour instead of 20 min intervals throughout the day. Now if I do my session at 11pm at night, would it be wise if I do the next days one at 7am the next morning? Given its only 8 hours, the penis shouldn’t have too much time to recover, but on some days it’s the only time which I can get it done.

So what do you guys think the rest period length in between sessions should be? Doesn’t matter, or give it time to heal the micro tears etc etc.


It depends on how intense the session was the previous evening. I’ve done sessions late in the evening and then eight hows later. Normally, I prefer a full day between sessions. If you are getting semi-erections throughout the day, and of course at night, the extra blood is certainly working to heal any tears.


BTW, I’ve always prefered a single long session to breaking it up in intervals throughout the day.

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Hi JumboDog,

8 hours is plenty of time for me. Like HorseHung said, my alloted rest time depends on the type or exercise and the intensity of it. When I hang, I like to do continuous sets of 3 or more with 5-10 minute breaks in between. Then after all sets are finished, I’ll wait at least 8 hours before another round. Usually this time is spent wrapped up in a traction wrap or ADS. If I can’t hang and just work manual exercises, I will wait only a few hours in between workouts if needed (depending on the situation I’m in and time I have).

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