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How long does your session last

How long does your session last

How long do your penis enlargement sessions usually last? This question is especially to you PE veterans who have been doing this for 1+ year. I’m just curious because I’m only doing the newbie routine right now and it takes 1 hour. And to do this consistently for the next few years seems like a daunting task. And this is only a newbie routine! The advanced one is over an hour long. So I’m wondering how you veterans kept at it consistently (5 times a week) for so long? How do you become so disciplined?

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Hanging takes on average about three hours (at least according to the prevalent school). There other advanced routine that take less than 1 hour, think to pumping or clamping.

One thing that may help you is that some people either choose to do things (pumping or clamping) that are essentially hands free. Also, some of the more advanced routines are less time while being higher intensity allowing for more free time.

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