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How long does your routine take?

How long does your routine take?

Tried to do a search, but most threads seem to only pop up with ‘how long must I stay on the newbie routine’. I’ve been trying a linear routine, and now I feel like it is starting to really be a bit of a time investment. 2 minutes to prepare warmup, 5 minute warmup, 9 minutes stretching, 15 minutes jelqing, 10 minute shower (warm down and clean off lube) and 15 minutes of kegels. Now obviously I don’t want to complain, I’m still seeing gains which is all that really matters. I’m just wondering how long other people’s routines take. I’m employed and going to uni, so throw in 1-2 hours working out and PE and I’ve pretty much eaten up all my free time on any day that had work and school both, which is about 4 days a week.

I’m in the same boat as you, going to school, working and all. I spend about 45 minutes per routine 3 - 4 days a week.

Everyday I’m doing like 2 hours of hanging, 15 minutes of jelqing, random stretching and skin stretching. Plus reading thunders and PE sites for information plus I have to wait 10 minutes between hanging sets. So yeah it does take me a while.

But I have nothing else to do, so I’d only be wasting that time if I didn’t PE. I can’t imagine having to fit all this PE in when you have school, work etc etc.

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