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how long does your erection last without any stimulation?


Originally Posted by Damien84

Huh. Well when I make out with her and stuff I usually get hard but not as easily as you describe. I wonder if there is something wrong with me?

I don’t know. I see her when she comes home from work and I get hard. She wears open toed shoes to show her pedicure. It gets me off to know those toes will be in my mouth when I’m balls deep in her in a few hours.

Damien you may be a bit older? I’m only 43 and easily turned on by her.

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Wow I wish my valves worked like yours…The only time I get hard like that is when I am on wellbutrin.

Originally Posted by PatientlyGrowin
I don’t get it either. Whenever I am being sexual with a woman I usually have an erection without any effort on my part. All she has to do is brush me with her tits, let me catch a sniff of her hair or perfume, or basically anything you can think of that is sexy and I pop one almost instantly.

Have you not gotten a random erection in awhile? For me these always just seem to hang around for a long time. It’s weird when I have these my BC muscle will flex rhythmically the entire time which is why I think I hold the erection for so long. For a quick but longer scenario of the stewardess thing that just happened to me the other day it went like this:

Stewardess walks down aisle, I recognize she is attractive to me. My brain jumps to an image of me spreading her legs open and going down on her ( thinking of what her pussy may look/smell like gets me hard. My fantasy goes a little deeper into me thinking of actually being inside her either in doggy or missionary. ( At this point I am rock solid and I have only been fantasizing for literally 2 minutes ) I realize I have a boner and try to calm myself down. I no longer think of fucking the stewardess. I am no longer horny but my erection stays. While the erection lasts my BC muscle flexes once every 10 - 15 seconds. I think to myself why do I still have an erection? I answer to myself: it must just be from PE. I decide to forget about my dick and go to sleep. Put my head against the window and close my eyes. For the next 2 hours I feel my boner bouncing in my shorts. When it is time to deboard the plane I tuck my junk into my waistband and walk off. A little while later after walking through the airport my erection subsides.

I think this is quite normal ( for me )

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i stay erect as long as i’m thinking about something erotic or exciting, i could have a boner all day if watching porn, i am 18.

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I’m 50.

Alone, I have trouble getting a 8-10 EQ, much less maintaining one. When I was jelqing, I couldn’t keep an adequate erection without porn.

Around my lady, erections develop and are maintained much easier. I will get a 8-10 while giving her a shoulder/neck massage without any stimulation at all. Passionate kissing or fondling are the same, I know where it is leading to.

I have never timed it, but I would guess I would start to lose an erection within seconds alone, and no more than a couple of minutes with my GF.


I’m 27.


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