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How long does it take

How long does it take

Hello everyone!

I jelqing, stretching, and doing kegels about 2 day on and 1 day off. So “Newb routine”, but, been almost 4 months now! And no results!

So my little, short, quick question is:

Am I doing it too much, or too little?
While doing kegel, should I be erected? (Just so weird doing kegels while flaccid .)
Is it normal my balls are moving upwards while performing kegels?

And before anyone would say, maybe I got different EQ or measurement in other way than first time, no, same EQ, same measuring technique.


Yes it is normal. You can do Kegel’s erect or flaccid, most of people do them flaccid but I don’t think is going to change much the outcome. Kegel’s aren’t for size though.

You should augment a bit week after week the number of jelqs and stretches; also, you should raise the frequence to a 3 on/1 off. Anyway if you are sure you did not gain anything in four months, maybe it is time to add something new; for example, if you are uncut you can do dry jeqls instead than wet jelqs; or if you are interested more in length add some A stretches.

Don’t change too many things at one time anyway, add just something new and stay on that for a few weeks, then see how it goes.

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