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How long does a newb do the "Newbie Routine".

How long does a newb do the "Newbie Routine".

First off, thanks ThunderSS for making this site. I’m fairly happy with my size, but would it never hurts to have something bigger. I found the newbie routine, however was wondering how long do I do this for? I know it says 6 weeks, but wasn’t sure.

Also, for the manual stretch, do I just take the head of the penis and stretch it 10 times for 30 seconds in the North, South, East, & West directions?

Many people stick with the newbie routine until they stop getting gains, the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach.

Originally Posted by jonari

Also, for the manual stretch, do I just take the head of the penis and stretch it 10 times for 30 seconds in the North, South, East, & West directions?

As well as all of those directions, do not forget straight out.

19th Feb 2012

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Three months. More if they are still getting gains.

See also this lighter newbie routine. I did something similar and had some good results with it:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

S sta-kool did you increase your reps progressively while doing the linear routine?

No, I didn’t follow that thread completely…I didn’t find it until after I had been PE’ing for a while. I think it is probably a sound approach, and if I had it to do over I would probably go that route.

I just basically started with 90 jelqs and three sets of 5 way stretches and just stuck with that, on a 1 on/ 2 off schedule. At some point I went 1 on/1 off for a while. Then back to 1 on/2 off.

My big influence when I started was Kevin12’s progress thread. Basically he started with the regular newbie routine and got nowhere. Then he lightened way up and started gaining.

In mid-February I added in some light pumping (even though I was still gaining length) hoping to get some girth gains going. I have only recently increased the jelqs to 125.

The “less is more” route seems to work for a fair number of people, but may not work for everybody. Kind of depends on the person and the penis — if I overdo it in anyway, I suffer for it! Others can be rougher and not have any problem.

Thanks Sta-kool for the info on what you did. I’m new, and have been doing J123’s routine for about 4 weeks now, and think it is best for me to go slow and easy. I don’t do the stretches, but do the Jai’s instead here and there throughout the day, especially when I go to pee, and in between the jelq’s during the actual sessions, which I am doing 3 times a week right now. I think next month I will add the 30 second stretch and see how it goes. I am a bit sore, feels like it is being worked out, but I think I’m on the right track, with the best approach for me.

I have a question and since this thread is active, maybe you could help, or point me in the right direction.

Before doing this (PE), just from masturbating, I get little burst capillaries on my scrotum, over my testicles. I showed a doctor once, and he said not to worry about it, but I would like to see if I can make them go away. Any suggestions? Any ointment or cream that might help them heal that you know of?

I appreciate any guidance you have to offer. Thanks.

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