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How long do you stick to one routine

How long do you stick to one routine

I’m asking those who have gained a good amount with PE.

I’m curious, when you set a routine how long do you stick to that routine? Do you change it or just stick with it till the end?

Thanks in advance.

As long as it is giving you gains don’t mess with it.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Seeing as some say they are “slow gainers” how would you know when to change then?

Give it three months.

Then if there is no gains change it.

Current Stats: 6.9BPEL/6.4NBPEL 5.5MEG.

Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.

I plan to stick to the routine I’m doing as long as I’m seeing gains.

Start: Dec 2009 - 5.75 [BPEL] x 5.25 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

April 2010 - 6.00 [BPEL x 5.3 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

Current Goal: - 7.00 NBPEL x 5.75 [MSEG & BASE]

If it’s working, keep doing it. When it doesn’t work, change it.

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Thanks for the post, and the answers, I too was curious being fresh to PE again.

Originally Posted by MisterWhiskers
Give it three months.
Then if there is no gains change it.

No comments!! I agree 100%

I’m going on 5 months and 3 weeks with the same routine I started with =)

I have stayed with the newbie routine but every month I change it a bit like instead of 10 mins of jelqing I will do 15 mins.

Just changing the small variables like you would do in a gym routine. For instance when you curl 20lbs for 10 reps in week one.

Week 2 you will curl 20lbs for 12 reps. I do this to increase intensity of my workouts for pe.

First Measurement November 1 2009: EBPL 7.5

Current Measurement June 1st 2010: EBPL 8.0

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