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How long did it take YOU to gain an inch



I would say be consistent and measure on a regular but not too
short base. Like that you can track the progress and register eventual plateaus. I measure once a month and keep a daily logbook about PE, sports, food and negative factors (tobacco, alcohol).
Because if I have to change something in the routine I prefer to be sure about changing only a single parameter and getting closer to know the cause-effect relation.

a bit nitpicking, I know, but I am a trained engineer who likes to have things being exact…

Always wishing you good gains and a great EQ - Richard65

My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook and my routine: Richard65's Routine

100 jelqs per session is perfect. I’m on my second month and am up 1/2 inch length and 1/4 inch in girth. I’m hoping in 6-7 months I’ll be up an inch in length and at least a 1/2 inch in girth.


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