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How long did it take before you first saw gains


After about 3, 3,5 months.

Start: 6.6 BPEL X 5.3 EG (5.7 BG) (aug/oct 2009) -- Current: 7.1 BPEL X 5.6 EG (5.9 BG) (1th November 2010)

Short term goal: NBP 7 X 5.5 -- Long term goal: NBP 8 X 6

My pictures and progress: Thor's Journey

My gains came after about 6 to 8 weeks. Ironically, it was only when I reduced the number of jelqs that I started gaining. Now I believe in “less is more.”

Hey gainerguy.sorry a little late on the response.

On your question..

My PI’s are good. More morning wood (never night). It’s hard to gage my PI’s bc of on/off depression. During the d my PI is terrible, but when not it is good. My flacid seems fuller/prolonged throughout the day when I’m not d but I’m sure my actual flacid length/girth are prob the same despite what I’m seeing. I havnt seen an increase in horniness either.

Just been following the newbie routine. I don’t count the amount of jelqs.I just go until I feel fatiqued. I also do fowfers whenever I can and I do some light stretches throughout the day.

You’ve read my story “small size rant” so you know what I’m currently going through.

After 2 weeks (serious PE, not the on and off deal I was up to for about 3 months) of the newbie routine, I noticed harder erections and more morning wood.

Also I have sort of noticed my sex drive is up.

And my refractory period is considerably reduced.

Stay with it, why do you think “PE” is the first and last letter of patience?:D

0.2” in girth in 7 weeks.

I think everyone should answer this question.NOW!

For me, it became noticeable to me after 2 weeks. I could get harder and keep it harder longer. :)

Started on 11-20-2009 with:

Non-erect length = 10.5 cm

Non-erect girth (circumcision scar) = 12 cm

A month for me.

I just gained…I think. It’s been a little over a month and I gained 1 cm in FSL and NBPEL and BPEL. Of course the thought of measuring wrong in the beginning lingers in the back of my mind.

My first gain came after my first week. About 1/8 of an inch. Then before my first month into PE, I gained half an inch in none bone pressed length. And, boom I lost it all now because I had to quit because of an injury. Haven’t tried PE ever since.


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