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How long can you last


How long can you last

I’m new here, but I’d like to start a poll to find out how long it takes everyone to cum from intercourse. I think I may suffer from premature ejaculation, but I wanted a point of comparison. Sometimes I last 10-15 minutes (not continuous thrusting), but other times I get urges within 1 minute! I have sex about 5 times/week. How about everyone else? How do you start a poll?

Hey EJ, what’s up???

I can last as long as I want to. My wife and I have develped a system that allows us to shoot our loads whenever we feel like it during sex. Here are several keys to avoid premature ejac:

1. Don’t act like a kid in a candy store! Just chill for a while and relax.
2. Take a long time during foreplay—drag it out and enjoy the other parts of her body.
3. When she’s ready for you to go into her, go in slowly and then pause—be still, remain motionless, don’t thrust for at least 30 sec.—1 minute.

4. When you have gained control of your senses, begin thrusting slowly and smoothly.
5. Switch positions periodically.
6. Enjoy and focus on making her shoot her load before you do.
7. Relax, enjoy, don’t act like a giddy school girl who has a crush on the high school quarterback—be the man and be in total control of your senses.

Using these and other points of our system, we can go for as long or as short of a time as we please. We determine ahead of time whether we want a long drawn out screw session or a short quickie session and we act on it accordingly. Sometimes though, my wife, shoots her load quicker than she wants to, then she makes me hurry up and finish.

Try it and report back

I don’t like having long sex, Im more of a hard and fast man…LOL. Which I have never had a complaint from, and I can last quite long if i want to, but usually Its about 15 minutes.

If you dont use condoms with ur wifey then using them should make you last longer for obvious ‘sensitivity’ reasons.

Well if you do a poll, you know you have to separated the single guys, from the married guys, especially when you ask the question how many times a week do you have sex; for the married guys, you need to ask the question, how many times a year do you have sex, with you wife of course.

I suffer from delayed ejaculation. I think I did too much edging. So I’ve never actually cummed in a girl. They usually wear out after a few hours. But I always make sure to go through different positions to keep things interesting.

Do a search on premature ejaculation if you want to get a lot of good info.

I used to only be able to last 1-3 minutes tops. Now I usually last 4-10 minutes but have occasionaly hit 15-20. I’d like to go longer but the girls I have been with usually get enough in the 5-7 range.

I still have to be careful and slow down or pull out or I can lose it way too fast.

Once I’m making better money I’m going to get acupuncture for this.

By stopping and playing with her clit for a while, I can last as long as I want. I also have some control, by relaxing myself when getting close. The second time varies a lot, sometimes I can come in 20-30 minutes, sometimes the second time I have sex is like a Lars Ulrich drum solo - banging away for hours without ever reaching a satisfactory climax.

I think honestly when I guy says 15 minutes it means 5 minutes not because your in denial it just feels that way! I find that when I shag a new chick I blow quickly because of excitement but with my partner or someone iv shagged loads I can go on for an hour or more because iv had it before so it’s not exciting! Understand though I consider myself highly sexual and I think eat and shit chicks 24-7,(I don’t mean I’m a stud,lol)I’m obsessed with chicks and my girlfriend lets me fuck who I want because of my high sex drive.

I agree also with SS4jelq.

Originally Posted by give me roccos

and my girlfriend lets me fuck who I want because of my high sex drive.

Sounds like a sweet deal. Just stay away from her mom and best friend and you won’t have to worry about your breakfast being poisoned.

Penflex it is. I will stay away the mum and friend’s,lol.

I last 30 - 45 minutes but always decide when it is the BEST time to go.

Edging (I’ve done it all my life without having a name for it) is the key.

Other suggestions for extending your love making are:
As advised above, stop while inside her and rub her clit. That works VERY well.
Also, I find if I go as deep as possible and move very small amounts back and forth while fully inside her, my cock doesn’t slide at all but she feels as if you’re fucking her hard. That is a great trick for pretending you’ve never slowed down while giving your balls a few minutes break.
And of course, switch positions every once in a while to give yourself a rest.

Started: April 18th, 2005 BPEL: 7.0 in. EG: 5.3 in. May 18th, 2005 BPEL: 7.5 in.

I last as long as I want, however me and my girlfriend usually do it for about 1-2 hours.

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

Not long enough! I have always been a bit quick on the draw. I have looked forward to getting older and an now 48 and still a bit faster than I would like.


Thanks to abstaining from ejaculating and rebuking years of masturbating, I am free at last. I have control, total control.

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