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How long can a ADS be worn for?

How long can a ADS be worn for?

Sorry…I did a search, but nothing similiar came up, so I had to ask. Give me the link(s) if you find one.

Certainly, it’s not totally an all day stretcher is it? Approx. how long can it be worn? thanks guys!

It depends on your tolerance level which can go higher as you become more accustomed to the particular ADS you are using. The first time I tried an ADS, I only went about 2-3 hours. The Penimaster guidelines would have you wear the dam thing for 12 hours a day for optimum growth but how many guys can actually do that? I have done it only a few times (12 hour stretch) and it was very stressful thing to do. My tolerance level now is only about 6-8 hours before I have to give it a rest until the following day. Some guys will only take 3 hours. It varies among different individuals therefore do some trial and error and see what works for you.

Also be sure to read the forum guidelines otherwise you will be asking for trouble.

Have a great day! :)

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Cool. Thanks dude.. Gonna home made me one..hehe!

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Yeah, it seems that you can wear one as long as you can take wearing one. I’m gonna push myself here- gonna try for more than 12 hours a day. That may sound like a huge amount- it is- but being someone who’s inflicted great pain upon himself for the amusement of others, I think I can handle 12 hours of light stretching ;)

What I do……

20 minute sets (like hanging) for 2 to 8 hours a day.

Hi guys i am NewHere :-) and I wonder 1 smal issue ,I have no problems wearing the Penimaster when stretching, but it starts hurting at my ball sack, anyone with the same problem or a solution?

new here
I got the same problem.
What I do is put some tissue or toilet paper on the bottom side of the base ring and this helps me get through the hour.


Hi NewHere, I’m beenthere :) . Good to see you posting, and welcome.

For me the best ads is golf weights. After an aggressive hanging session I always wear three or four all the hours I’m awake. I then wear the magnetic wrap while sleeping. Some guys complain about not being able to keep the weights on. If you pull all foreskin and\or extra PE skin forward through the rings to the tip it makes a snug fit without cutting off circulation. With three I can still urinate and is comfortable enough to wear all the time keeping me extended with a gentle tug, four puts a little too much pressure on the head for me after an hour or so, but with three I forget I have them on. I even swim with them dangling and jog with them swinging. If your girth is not thick enough to keep them on just do a gentle pump at about 4 in hg for about ten minutes and they will fit snuggly. $1.50 WalMarts.

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I wear the VTLC tugger 9 hours per day. My ligs always burn during the day, so I guess I am doing something right? I have modified the tugger a little so it can handle a harder stretch (just made the straps stronger).

I don’t really hang other than using the ADS, but I think i would like to start.

Thx for the feedback people , what I did is fold a cut t-shirt in three put a hole in it en put that on befor the penismaster, but :-( it still starts to hurt like hell after 30 minutes…………….any other suggestions ???

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All I can think of is taking it off every 30 minutes.

I wear mine for an hour and some times the burning starts around 30 minutes in, so I put the toilet paper on.

I also try not to move a lot with it on, because that can cause more irritation too.

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