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How long before you notice veins


ThunderSS , then when do you actually have thrombosed veins?

Originally Posted by chrono_
It could ne a bad thing to see veins man , I had a big one on the shaft before starting PE ,when I started It grew really bid and I even strarted to see the veins that go out of the big one.Then I read on the internet that if you see veins on the top they are thrombosed ones and it can cause problems later.So I stopped PE but the veins on the top are still there - I really wonder - Is it a good or a bad thing though.

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Originally Posted by chrono_
ThunderSS , then when do you actually have thrombosed veins?

Hopefully never. Do a search in the Injury Forum and you will find more information on thrombosis. Most of the time the thrombosis is extremely painful to pressure.

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But then again, it’s five o’clock somewhere in the world. :gulp:

And if you have thrombosed vein for a 2-3 years could it turn out to be beyond the point of self repair and stay permanently?

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chrono - A thrombosed vein is red, hot, painful and hard. It would be obvious and serious enough for you to seek help long before “2-3 years.” Enlarged veins are normal when you do PE exercises.

Thrombosed veins often heal themselves or may improve with analgesics and heat application.


I noticed more pronounced veins within a week of starting reqular wet jelq sessions.

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