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How little can I do

How little can I do

Alright I’m new here. Anyway I’m just curious how much PE is really needed for growth. I”ve read alot on here and there seems to be alot of conflicting opinions. While my goal in PE is gaining size, I really don’t’ want to risk breaking it to do it. I’d rather get the erectile benefits from PE if I have to really risk breaking it to make it bigger. Plus I know the more I do now, the more I’l need to coax gains out later. Anyway, here is what I have been doing.

First off I bought a heatlamp. It’s infra-red, apparently generates heat at a frequency that best pierces human tissue. Max operating temp on skin is right around where one thread I found said that tissues in the penis would likely become in-elastic. Anyway, I’m using it as my x-factor. I wait 15 mintues for it to heat up and make sure I give my penis 10-15 to really get warmed up. By the time I’m going it’s red and I can feel the heat coming off of it for many minutes after removing it, I have no doubt the heat gets all the way through.

For a routine I’ve been doing this.

30 second stretches 5 ways, up down, left and right, out- just enough force to reach my max SFL, which is still .25 over my BPEL. I assume that is enough to get gains, as it is longer than it can reach normally?

Then I go to jelquing. I have been doing about 30 or so good jelqs. Fairly slow, about 3 seconds each. I tend to end up with a very “fluffy” penis when I’m done. It looks like an erect penis in girth, but just sort of hangs there “swollen”, hard to explain. Anyway I havent’ been so much keeping exact track on my numbers so much as how it feels. When it seems like I’ve gotten good swollen expansion and the blood is really going, I do a few and stop, usually 30 or so.

After that I let it set under the heat lamp to let my partial erection that jelquing cuases subside, then I repeat the strectches again, and then the jelqs.

My frequency has been 2 on 1 off, as that seemed somewhat common and would give me just a bit of a break. PI’s have been alright I think. I hardly get morning wood, but this morning I got an erection as soon as I played with it, non-sexually, which is rare, I even got a pretty full hard on without alot of work.

After the workout it just feels warm. Usually the next day I can sort of feel my penis though. Very, very light dull aches at certain spots on it for a couple seconds happen once in a while, usually only a few times per day.
I’ve had one capillary burst, that’s it.

Anyway, that’s my experience so far, am I on the right track or am I wasting my time with such little work? I mean I’m probably going to try this unless everyone says no way. If I can’t get gains in a month of ANY sort even a flaccid stretched increase would be enough), then I’ll up the volume. Just an newbie feeling lost looking for feedback, it’s hard to belive this stuff works sometimes. I know the biggest key is consistency and that’s fine. But I need something that I can believe will work, which is why I need direct outiside feedback!

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Welcome T3. I believe you have a wise approach: if the volume/intensity are too low, you always have time to raise in the next months, but if one start with overwork, gains go becoming harder and harder to achieve. So, stay with it.

The only thing I disagree with you, is about measurements: it’s best recording your starting stats, because, seeing your penis everyday, you can’t be sure if it has gained or not without recording initial measurements. Some pics are even better.

Stay on this routine for at least three months, raising slowly time and intensity, and measure only once a month, after days off.

Best wishes on your gains :) .

Welcome, T3mpest, and good substantial first post.

You’re off to a good start. As marinera suggested, take an initial measurement now, then forget about it for a while.

If you have not done so already, I recommend that you read these threads:
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Let us know how your routine works out for you.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Thanks guys, I’ve got my inital measurements. I’m using a tape measurer that if I press to hard bends, so my force is pretty constant on the pubic bone. For stretching length, I am not going to pull that hard, once my penis pretty much says that’s as far as it goes I’m stopping. I figure if I’m really gaining that, the results should be there either way. I didnt’ say this initially, but my only real concern right now is length. I’m simply trying to get long enough to hit my girls cul de sac when we are in standard missionary. If I can dothat, I’ll be happy. She’s had really big ones before that could, so that’s my goal. I don’t really feel the need to be the biggest she’s had. Even though she has large dick fantasies, I really don’t think stretch marks around her vagina are attractive and I know she at least likes the fact that she can have sex with me and not feel loose later. Realistically, I think any girth gains would be great, but I don’t think I need to hit 6 or anything. I guess I”ll have to ask her in detail (even if it hurts me to do so abit). If she stayed with me as is and has had good sex, (both are true, I can tell she aint faking when veins bulge out of her neck, lol), then I just don’t see the point. Anyway, enough of my backstory/motivation. I’ve got 10 months to do this,so here I go, it’s going to be a suprise present for her as we are apart for now.

Starting stats 6.5bpel (right on it too, maybe 1/16 higher by fluctuation)
6.75bpsfl (1/16 fluctuation here too)

Girth is anywhere between 4.6-5, depending on how strong my erections are. (Again part of why I’m doing this is for better erections. I took one dosage of generic cialis and OMFG. Super hard, extra thick and seemed a little longer too, wish I got to measure it. Never had ANYTING like it naturally. I got another good amount coming from the same supplier for this very reason.

Goal shortterm: gain something, anything, prove this can work for me!
Goal midterm: 7inches BPEL
Goal longterm: 8bpel (I’m only 5’5 for fucksake, lol)
Girth: 5.00+ (depends how easy or hard girth is,I won’t risk damage to chase it, if I can get .2-.4 out of it in my pursuit of 8bpel, then great!

Anyway another question for you guys, since I’m sure someone here grew to figure this out, lol. I can just reach my girls cds if I bring her legs up into the air, not super far, I can actually keep them up by using my knees. Anyway, how much does this knee toward chest motion actually bring in the vaginal walls?

Lastly, for jelquing, I’ve been keeping it strectched out as I go. Not like fully stretching mind you, but I do grip behind the head and pull it away from my body some, is this ok? I feel like since it makes me thinner, I’m not getting the full jelquing effect, but the plumpness when I release says otherwise?

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Originally Posted by marinera

Welcome T3. I believe you have a wise approach: if the volume/intensity are too low, you always have time to raise in the next months, but if one start with overwork, gains go becoming harder and harder to achieve. So, stay with it.

Unless you overwork it to the point where you break it. Then you need to heal up before you can even do any PE at all. I am a big fan of the ” Don’t break your penis” theory of PE.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Hi Check out my post on how I gained with very little work and no consistency.
Already Grew With Worst Routine Ever

Don’t give up if you don’t see gains right away or even after a month. Everyone is different. If you stick to this routine you said you will surely see gains if you stick to it.

Don’t take it so seriously. Try to relax and think that you have nothing to lose. If anything you will get better erection quality (EQ). Don’t be afraid to yank hard on it either.

Thanks, dhhh. I will add that to my list of gainers from light routines.

T3mpest, don’t take dhhh’s advice above too literally. Specifically, do not yank. :)

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.


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