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How intense

How intense

Hi, this is my first post here!
I’ve been lurking for a few months and have finally decided to give PE a try.

Now the thing that I want to ask is how your dick should feel after a session of PE (I’m doing the newbie routine, naturally).
Of course I’m taking it slow, trying to get a feel for it..

How should you feel afterwards? I did experience a light “tingling”, no discomfort at all. Just like I’ve been doing some workout.. If I’d feel nothing at all after the session it would feel like I haven’t accomplished much. Is this “normal”?

I feel a bit of stretched and pumped right afterward. Don’t ask me to get a 100% erection after, because I couldn’t, tissues seems fatigued from stretching. I have red spots and a bit of discoloration (like half of my penis is “normal” and the other half a red-dark red color) all the time. But it is nothing like pain, it feel great, no discomfort.

Hey, Carnael. Welcome to Thunder’s

I feel a bit fatigued after a session. Absolutely no pain though. Tingling is a touchy subject. That could be a sign that you are putting too much pressure on the top or bottom of your penis. There are a lot of nerves and veins/arteries in those areas, so you want to steer clear of putting too much pressure there. Try to focus the pressure on the sides. Like I said, I like to feel some fatigue to know I have done a sufficient amount. With that being said, be careful to not overdo it. Err on the side of doing too little when you are first starting. Once you get a “feel” for things you will know when you can push a little farther. Good luck to you.

chunky, you’re overdoing it man. Back off a bit. If you can’t get an erection after a session and you are seeing red spots you are over training, IMHO.


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The tingling occurred at the base. Possibly caused by overdoing the stretching?

Ill ease up a bit on it, just in case.

Thanks for the fast responses!

How are you gripping Carnael? If you are putting too much pressure on the glans you will get the tingling feeling, sort of like a numbness. Make sure you grip behind the glans sufficiently. Also, you may want to try doing the overhand OK grip (palm-down grip) instead of the regular grip. IMHO it prevents injury and numbness better.


It depends on the situation. I vary between normal OK and overhand grip as I see fit.
I think I get a good grip, a safe distance behind the glans.

Well, the tingle is very light, as I wrote earlier, and I really don’t feel any discomfort (or numbness). I think I really just overdid the stretching. Pulled a little to hard thus making the ligs (right?) a bit sore.

Ill continue with the overhand from now on, it does feel a bit safer too.

Yeah, that’s true. I have gotten that feeling from over stretching. Just ease up a bit like you said and you should be fine.



Many thanks, RoomToGrow!

I live to serve. Or something sappy like that. :D


The way I feel after a good PE workout is I can’t stop touching it and playing with it.

I am addicted to PE.

Seriously, I can’t stop touching my cock it’s like it’s craving attention.

That might have something to do with no sex for a few months though!

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