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How increase Girth at Base of Unit

How increase Girth at Base of Unit

My unit is thin/narrow at the base, giving little bit base ball bat effect. Kindly advise how to increase the base girth? Does vacuum pumping or PE increases the girth at Base?

Yes, PE can increase base girth. But if you are just starting out, start with the Newbie Routine to avoid injuries. Manual stretching will give some base girth, and try to do the Jelq motion starting from as low as possible.

Once you get your unit conditioned, you can move on to other advanced exercises that have been shown to give good base girth, ie clamping and hanging.

Good luck.

Now: NBPEL = 6.4 MSEG = 5.3 BEG = 5.75

Goals: NBPEL = 7.0 MSEG = 6.0

I had some success with pumping, but would finish the newbie routine first if you haven’t. Here’s another thread I found with a search!

Getting Base Girth Gains

IME/ IMHO, hanging is likely the best method specific to base girth.

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I second that. ^


I started as a fairly extreme baseball bat. Once I had enough conditioning to go beyond the newbie routine I started clamping.To help increase base girth, at the end of each 10 min session I open the clamp one notch then keggle/edge to regain max expansion, another notch, repeat, etc.. over about a 1-3 min period. After my clamping I then do some reverse jelques focusing on base expansion. I’ve managed to gain girth all around with the most gain near the base. I’m still a bat but nearly as extreme as before.

I have the biggest baseball bat shaped penis ever
My dick just looks ridiculous,
My base girth is 5,3 inches and it’s 6,4 at the middle. That’s more than 1 inch!!

I’m thinking why would a girl I’m having sex with want my whole penis inside of her, there’s not much to feel at the base.of my dick compared to my middle penis girth.

Do you guys think penimaster is a solution for this problem? You know to straighten that thing out?

Starting: BPEL / 20 cm ---- EG / 16,4 cm

What is penimaster? Tenseeker

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