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How importent is the diet?

How importent is the diet?

How importent do you think a proper diet is for your pe results? Is it possible to make results while you loose fat?

A reduced fat pad is certainly going to help visually and when you measure.

I think you misunderstod my question.

Your question is not that clear, Makevelia.

Yes, you will get results while losing fat. If you do the exercises properly it might even seem to speed up results; because you’ll be gaining true length and also losing fat pad- adding to already present but hidden length.

As far as a healthy diet: yes…it will help you. First it will aid in your EQ. Second, pe is basically stressing your tissue and then letting it repair itself. You will want a good diet to aid in proper healing. Your body will be more efficient if you fuel it correctly.

Marinera- i think it was.

James - thank you!

Being on a low calorie diet won’t affect gains in any way. It’s not like we are exercising an extensive muscle group.

Having said that, increasing general health by taking antioxidants etc. may make gains come faster.

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ok, thank you!

Drinking plenty of water, and a healthy diet will benefit your weight loss, and your PE routines. It’s not going to effect your gains to also get in shape at the same time.

Originally Posted by makavelia
How importent do you think a proper diet is for your pe results? Is it possible to make results while you loose fat?

Proper diet is a must for Successful PE career!!

First of all, good diet improve blood circulation which is good for your EQ; second, it improve you “heart pump” then it regulate sugar level, reduce high cholesterol etc.. I could go on and on just writing the benefits of good diet for PE

A proper diet contributes to general health. Anything else is wishful thinking. No one ever reported PE gains from better diet. If you are overweight, then a proper diet will be more effective for showing a bigger dick than hard PE exercising.

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