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How important is scheduling

How important is scheduling

Hey ,

Since I’m pretty unorganised in all what I do , I don’t work with a schedule.
I just “jelq” around.
But my penis didn’t increased in size to big and my erections are also not harder.
So I was wondering , is this really important.
To do the whole routine on a specific hour and not just jelq when you feel like ?
The only thing that I accomplished , was to have a lot more veins on my dick.

Being consistent is key. However, jelqing exactly x hours apart is totally unnecessary.
Plan your program based on days. It sounds like you should follow the newbie routine.

Try your best not to miss days. Also, jelqing for an hour is WAY too long for a newbie.

We’ve all been there, trying to save time by training harder. Don’t do it. Overtraining is never good for your unit. Just stick to the newbie routine for a month or two before you start adding time/exercises.

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