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How important is rest

How important is rest

Right now I’m doing the newbie routine found in this forum, and was wondering how much I should rest. It says 2 days on 1 day off but sometimes I will PE 3 or 4 days in a row before taking one off. Is this too much?

Hi spencer

I’m new to PE too, but I don’t rest so much, normally I rest only once a week.

The only exception was when I overdid and I had to stay 2 weeks resting =/

Some times I never rest, depends on how much you do and if you NEED to rest, your penis “heals” itslef while you rest, so do rest but dont rest too much either.

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I believe rest is always good…just like anything else, like if u work out sometimes you have to take 4-5 days off sometimes, it helps with your gains.

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Rest is vital because its when you grow and heal.

You say your doing 4/5 days straight and worry if that’s too much, well only you will know because your body will tell you i.e your erections get weaker or it gets marked with lots of bruises and spots ect.

These are common side effects with newbies anyways so don’t be scared, so long you feel confident about your routine and have those two days rest than I myself see no problem with the routine but do take REST.

I remember hearing that DLD used to PE for 7 days with no rest [off days] yet he had such great gains, but I myself would not advise anyone to PE for 7 days straight and never have rest days.

I don’t know the answer but many here do. I always depended on nature to run its course and let me know, it worked pretty well. I always counted on some bodily alarm bells to go off if I was in any danger, the most subtle of the bells being a shitty erection. I’m convinced this is a personal decision solely, I’ve went weeks without a day off, that doesn’t mean you should.

If you are unsure, I would do what the newbie routine states until you get a handle on the process yourself.

Rest is more important than excercises. It helps to cement gains and is your “growth period”. I would advise to, outside of your normal resting routine, take 3-4 days off once a month just for a full recovery of the penis. You’ll be amazed, I was.

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For the vast majority of exercises rest days ares not really necessary, heavy weights and high stress routines employing clamping and other barbaric exercises induce a level of trauma that require rest to resume normative activities. Most mainstream PE activities do the work and 12 to 18 hours later the penis is ready for another round. I have always felt 5 days on and 2 off works quite well, and maybe sneaking in a set of Ulis somewhere between church and the game. It is only when soreness is an outcome of exercise; this usually is lacerated skin and other surface abrasions that result from “pit and pendulum” type exercises. Stressed vascular areas heal in hours if not minutes.

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barbaric? :)

Pit and Pendulum? (:

Shilow. I happen to agree with all you said, but more, I just love your choice of words.

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