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How important is edging


I can see how edging with a cock ring would have an effect since the cock ring keeping it engorged and giving a slight clamp effect while edging.

Goal 2016: 10" stretched length, 10" pumped, 8" flaccid.

Flaccid pictures

Erect pictures

I don’t know about ‘edging’, but I do enjoy having mammoth wank sessions. Today I had one lasting over 1 hour, with several orgasms and ejaculations. My penis is always bigger, thicker and more vascular during these marathon wanks than during quick ones and the third/fourth orgasms are always amazing but you really have to work for them.

16/05/2011 - Initial size - 6.3" - 6.8" (BPEL); 5.7" GIRTH. /:/ 13/06/2011 - 6.5" - 7" (BPEL); 5.8" GIRTH. /:/ 27/06/2011 - 6.7" - 7.3" (BPEL); 5.9" GIRTH.

Intended size - 7" (NBPEL) ; 7" GIRTH.


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