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How important are kegels

How important are kegels

I’ve been doing the newbie routine, but skipping the kegels-just don’t feel like it I guess. But I was wondering, Do kegels actually play a role in adding inches to length or girth? I mean I understand that doing kegels will make me last longer during sex, but does it have an impact on the growth of my penis? Just a thought and thanks for the great site!

Originally Posted by hope101
I mean I understand that doing kegels will make me last longer during sex

Not necessarily.

Kegels will strengthen your BC muscle and may give you more control with your ejaculation or orgasm, but many members have had an opposite effect, myself included. Kegels will not cause any growth, but some people do kegels to get the blood to rush into the glans, and that helps them do certain techniques better.

Kegels are pretty clearly advantageous to vascular health of the organ.

Generally speaking Kegels are helpful. If you do 50 a day, everyday, you should notice a difference in your erection quality. If you are very young, the difference may not be as pronounced as it is for those of us who are older.

Most people, young or old, have firmer erections as a result of doing them regularly.

Sometimes firmer erections can also mean greater sensitivity, and therefore a little less control. There are techniques for coping with this. It should be noted that we have no control over ejaculation, at least not directly. It is an involuntary muscle spasm. What we have control over are the events that lead up to it. This is going off topic, though.

If you are young and your erections are firm you may not need Kegels.

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Kegels have helped me control my ejaculation better. I would have happily been called a 1 minute man about a month ago. Now I’m lasting longer thanks to 1,000 kegels per day.


I agree with all replies above. The straight answer to your question, after several years on PE, is NO. You don’t add inches to your dick by doing kegels. Kegels will have a direct impact on erection and ejaculation. In order to add inches, you need to stretch your ligaments, there is no other way (unfortunatelly because ligaments could be real bastards). The other tissues need to grow also, true, but that is easier; the ligaments (particularly the suspensory ligament that is attached to the bone) are the killers.


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