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How have vets improved ED with PE

How have vets improved ED with PE

Like some other older guys (I’m almost 50), I came to this forum mostly to improve erections without Viagra, etc. I view size increases as a nice side benefit.

From all my reading and searching the site, I understand that jelqing more or less focuses on girth, stretching more or less focuses on length, and Kegels more or less focus on erections. Yes, I know that’s a gross over-simplification, because it depends on how erect you are at the time you’re doing PE, etc.

That being said, I have a question for those vets who got into PE to improve their erections (getting it up AND keeping it up):

Just having a bigger package doesn’t necessarily improve erections. But how did you use stretching and jelqing to enhance your Kegels? In other words, I assume stretching and jelqing should have a synergistic effect on Kegels, making them even more effective than if one were just doing Kegels. Is there some way to use stretching and jelqing to not only increase size, but also—in themselves, or with Kegels—help erections?

If there’s some thread(s) I’m overlooking, please let me know.

I would say the techniques that most improve ED are those that improve and stimulate blood flow. So a routine that combines pumping, jelqing and kegels is great for eliminating ED problems. I would go to the Pumpers Forum and check out the Pumping 101 thread.

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