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How hard to squeeze when starting Jelqing

How hard to squeeze when starting Jelqing

Hi Guys

Newbie to the forum, sorry if this has been asked before(as I am sure it has many times) but after reading the article about the dude who after a month of Jelqing has permanent ED don’t want to squeeze to hard and cause any problems or not squeeze hard enough not to gain anything. Did my first ever jelq today, was interesting, any help on gageing it would be appreciated or if any one can tell me a good thread

Thanks in advance

It should be no pain when jelqing then you are squeezing too hard. Try to get a even pressure around your cock when stroking/ jelqing and look for good blood expansion of the head at the end of each stroke as it should kinda ‘swell’ up. You are in simple terms ‘pushing blood’ into your dick to make it bigger and heavier.

Just try it out some until you find your comfort zone and don’t rush it do slow 3- 5 second strokes, it should feel kinda good as well. Hope this helped a lil bit.

Thanks for that good bit of advice.

Sorry for Ressurecting a zombie thread, but how did it go, Widget? Did it work for you? Were there any injuries at all? I hope not. I’m thinking about jelqing too and I’m really worried and scared.

The guys who get problems like that, you have to understand that a lot of the time they are using PE as a way to kind of express anger at their dick for not being what they want it to be. I had an EQ scare myself for this reason. I’ve also made my dick look like pippy longstocking with all the red spots I gave it.

If you are jelqing not to the point of pain (like, it actually hurts you - you are going to feel sensations from the jelqing beyond normal masturbation) then you will be completely fine.

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