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How hard to jelq

How hard to jelq

I’ve been doing mostly jelq squeezes, and I am concerned I may be doing them too hard because after almost every session (about 100-150) I end up with loads of red dots on my dick, some small some slightly bigger (I.e. 3 mm across)

I do them with about 80% erection, anything less than this I never feel this pump - are you supposed to feel this? A sensation that’s like you couldn’t force any more blood in, or it would hurt.

Has anyone changed the pressure/how hard they jelq and gotten different results?


That’s a tough question to objectively answer as everyone is slightly different in h ow they respond to any PE, whether it be stretching, jelqing or whatever.

I find that if I only jelq moderately, I don’t feel as if I’ve done anything, but if I grip hard and really make each stroke last, then I’m engorged and moderately sore after and feel as if I’ve accomplished something.

I think the real gauge is EQ (erection quality) and should always be high, otherwise we are training incorrectly or too hard.

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I would say your definitely doing to much, Most new people jelq way to hard from what iv’e read, and if your still kinda new 80% erection probly isn’t very smart either.. You should read up on HF (hard flaccid), alot of guys have got it from jelqing too hard and it seems like it is an extremely horrible thing to have happen to you so I wouldn’t risk. I’m new to pe also, only a few months in but have read hours upon hours on the subject and would definitely say your taking a risk.

I agree with him, really too hard for being a newbie.. At the beguinning, less is always much safer than more, and in some cases later too.

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